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Taste is for amateurs

First post!

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  1. pussnboots's Avatar
    woo hoo !!!!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Wait a second. This isn't your first post. It says this is your 9th!
  3. Anza's Avatar
    And it's primus postus, OR primum postum. Depends on if you want Masculine or Neuter... I hate it when Hollywood makes up their own Latin...
    hello! awesome post!
  4. Shalot's Avatar
    That's Harry Potter Anza!...that's what JK Rowling does!!! The names of her characters and the names of their curses and spells are all like that...their almost like Latin, or whatever it is she based her created word on, but the words are pretty much her creations. I think it's kinda cool though. Anyway, this blog was on the random rotation and I saw the pic and wanted to see whose blog it was. Nice pic up there, btw. (the person, not Harry Potter)