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Big Barbie Head

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When I was little, unlike most of my friends I did not have a Barbie doll. I didn't have a lot of toys actually, mostly because my father didn't think the commercials for most children's toys were honest, and that the toys in question were junk....commercialism cheating children and so on. It was kind of a drag, I never had any of the cool toys that my friends had. I had one plastic Barbie clone, and I did have some stuffed animals, including my beloved sock monkey Melvin and also my Raggedy Anne doll. I still have both of those, but the Barbie clone is long gone.

We are discussing makeup right now in the girl talk thread and it reminds me of one toy I always wanted. Not Barbie, really, but her head. Seems strange, doesn't it?? Actually, you can purchase a semi-human size Barbie head (or Kayla head, or Cali) and apply makeup to it and style it's hair. I was friends with this girl named Andrea when I was 10 and she had one. Gosh, I was so jealous of her! I wanted that toy really bad. She was an ok girl, and I liked her but what kept me coming back was that Barbie head. I could play with that thing for hours, and I think she got kind of suspicious about my motivation visiting her.

Looking at the toys now, they look really weird to me. Sort of like head on a plate, and kind of creepy. They are oddly compelling though...I can feel myself wanting to pick up a hair brush right now...



  1. Virgil's Avatar
    This may come as a surprise Kathy but I did not have a Barbie doll either when I was little.
  2. kathycf's Avatar
    I am stunned. Absolutly stunned Virgil.

    No, wait. I wonder if you had an "action figure" like G.I. Joe. I think he is Barbie's cousin.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I may have. Frankly I don't remember.
  4. andave_ya's Avatar
    I played Barbies(I think) until I discovered the pleasures of reading. Then the only time I played Barbies was with my little sister in the bathtub.
  5. 's Avatar
    I used to love barbies, but my friends never liked the way i played with them. I always made mine "bosses" at a company or serious actresses and they just made them fall in love and go shopping. By the time I was 10 and started to gain an understanding of sexism I lost interest in poor barbie.
    i am so sorry you never got a barbie head kathy! things like that can really stick with you.
  6. kathycf's Avatar
    Heh, I never really wanted an actual Barbie so much as the other toy, the styling head. I guess I just remember back when I was young, and the fun I had playing with that other girl's fashion head.
  7. Nightshade's Avatar
    All my barbies visted the gillotine..... well a few drowned and one was paralysed in a riding accident...

    It wasnt ofetn we got one my sisters and I but when we did games could go on for days we used have some great barbie games but the best were with bigger dolls where we could take part in it.
  8. kiz_paws's Avatar
    LoL, I remember that toy! My two sisters and I got a 'generic' Barbie Head toy, with hair that we fought over to style. The sad ending is that my youngest sister actually cut the hair.... and we all know what that means... Thanks for the memory, kathy!