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I need your reply

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I need your reply

Never thought it would hurt this much.
Never thought I would miss your touch

Three days not hearing from you
I don't have an idea or a clue

I can't bear another day
Please don't treat me this way

I'm feeling down, sad and mad
Trying to hold myself but I can't

Are you avoiding me
Are you too busy

Just give me your reply
Or it would be easier to die

Now I'm so obsessed with you
I can't think of losing you

So just tell me what to do
Shall I live or die, it's up to you


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    I suspected a loved one. The blessing an curse of love is the great feeling of joy and lloss all rolled into one. But if it is meant to be it will be. Nothing of value is won easily. Submitted with respect Rich
  2. Anza's Avatar
    Problems have a way of mending themselves, and as spur said, if it is meant to be, it will work out that way. All shall be mended, or all shall fade. If it does not work, it wasn't meant to work, and that will have to be your consolation. I know this is hard.
    I've found that you cannot shed tears about the past-- only acknowledge it, and make your future happier.
    With a hug and a gift of strength, Amber