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My Replacement

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Hope everyone had a good Labor Day! I know I did! I went with my mom to this podunk town to get a dog, or rather my replacement. It's a cloud--both in appearance and in texture. His name is Rupert--I got to name him. It was either Rupert, Polar or Bebo. Obviously I won. My dad calls him mop though...and in some ways he is.

Anyways, so far I haven't had any problems with my classes, but I don't have very much of a social life. All of my friends are at different universities, so I'm all alone. I'm going to be joining some clubs, so I'm sure that will help me out. Plus, my journalism professor has a Dream Course about documentaries. A Dream Course is a free course that Professors come up with and a certain number of them are selected to be funded by the University so students can participate in. So on monday the first documentary is playing. It is called "Screamers" and it is about the Armenian Genocide. The director actually used the band System of a Down in the film I believe. It sounds incredibly interesting. SO we get to see it for free and have a discussion with the director afterwards.

Anyone here listen to Ludo?? Well, you should because they are AMAZING! Anyways, I went and saw them last wednesday. I got there at four(First in line!) and doors didn't open till 8:30. That kind of sucked since it was raining a little bit and I just had on a t-shirt and jeans. It was worth it though. The guys in Ludo are great entertainers. Really passionate about music and really nice, fun dudes. Definetly check them out. Another cool thing about them is that they are on the same record label as another really awesome band called The Urgency. So every music lover should check these guys out.

Alright, I guess I'm done for the night. I've got really bad allergies at the moment so I'm gonna take my meds and hit the sack. Tomorrow is a home game day so I work all day. Grrr. At least everyone is happy because we know we are going to win.

-M. Anarchy

P.S.-Anyone seen the movie Brideshead Revisited?