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It surprises me that people are shocked when you say that you like someone but don't love them even when you're related to them. I think it's just safer, you say you love someone and they don't say it back it hurts. You say you like someone they don't say it back-hurts less. Would you rather be thrown off a building or stabbed. Ones going to hurt way worse right. People claim they know you yet they can only tell you about your physical features or common everyday observations. You see a person reading every free chance they get you make the assumption that they really like books and are completely content with doing that the rest of their life but what you don't realize is that they may read so much to escape reality. To get away from everyone and everything. To go to a place where they don't have to be who they are or what they are but what they want to be.


  1. kathycf's Avatar
    I thought of reading in a similiar way when I was a kid. Just to get away from everything and everybody in my life.