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What a Night

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So, its 11:00pm and I'm walking from the parking lot to my dorm. I'm just walking along making sure no one is about to jump out at me, when out of NOWHERE! this bicycle slams into my left side. I go flying off of the curb and into the street and then both bike and rider fall on top of me. How does that even happen to anyone!?! Never would I have imagined that ever happening to me. Now I have this lovely bruise on my left thigh and back that matches my elbow gashes. So after he apologized a-BAZILLION times(I just wanted to go home and sleep), and walked me back to my dorm building(he carried my backpack), to my surprise there was a miniture lion sitting in the middle of the hall. This evil hall guardian is just sitting there blocking my access to my room. His ears were all flat and I'm pretty sure he was growling at me like he was actually a lion. It was an intense showdown. So finally I picked up my backpack and threw it in front of Mr. Wanna-be-Lion and he went flying down the opposite hall. Now I'm safe and sitting on my bed avoiding my pre-calc homework. Ah, what lovely college days.

-M. Anarchy