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Half the time

"Wait. Beijing is in China?"

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Quote in the title from one of my darling little sisters... during the Olympics. :| Sometimes, I really do wonder.

Going back to the zoo next week (don't know whether I should be happy or kinda sad about that :/). At least my roommate seems really nice this time around, so that should be fun. So many science classes this semester though (chem, genetics, physics and envirosci +labs - at least they're not all on the same days so that's a relief) should be pretty interesting though .

Let's see, what else? Finally caught up with a friend I haven't seen in about what 5 years. She used to be "like my bffl" (her words, not mine), but then she moved away and then I moved away etc. It was kind of fun except that she is such a... anyways, she's majoring in nursing now- which pretty much gave me the shock of my life. I almost choked when she told me. She's pretty different now- some good, some not that great (at least she's stopped with the Avril Lavigne obsession and is no longer dragging people off to stalk random guys that she has a crush on and is a bit less standoff-ish to people she doesn't know). It's just so weird...
I officially hate the phrase "we should definitely hang out sometime". It's so annoying (especially when spoken by people who try to sound so trippy) D: Seriously.

Oh yeah, just recently found out that the legal drinking age is 21, not 18. Who'd have guessed?
Just realized that I can count on one hand the number of people (not including my closest sister) who actually get my jokes and most of them no longer go to the same school as me. Why? :P


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Nice to see you around Same. Yeah people can change lots in five years. I've always said that a person becomes a different person every five years. How different were you five years ago? Good luck in school this semester. Hehe, I can't remember you ever telling a joke. So tell me one next time. Wait, I remember all the weird word associations you would ome up with, and I would have to scratch my head to figure it out.
    Updated 08-29-2008 at 11:05 PM by Virgil
  2. samercury's Avatar
    More like every couple of years. Yes, I was a very different person five years ago (in some ways, in others not so much), but it's still so weird though- not necessarily in a bad way :/ . Thanks for the good luck; the semester's just started and I already have a bunch of stuff due. My word associations weren't weird- they made perfect sense