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The First Day of Many More to Come!

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So, I had my first class already today. I'm so tired though. My room mate for some reason left at four in the morning and then came back an hour later. Oh well, I will survive.

Anywho, my first class was English Comp 2. My professor seems pretty cool. He's very young, or at least younger than I imagined. He is still getting his Masters and then I guess he wants to get his Ph.D. My next class is German...I'm just waiting for lunch. Its nice only having three classes a day. I have Pre-Calc for business minors after German and then I'm done! I'm really excited for my Journalism class tomorrow though.

Now I'm just relaxing in my dorm room. Hopefully I will be able to go back home tonight. My very good friend is heading off to college on friday and with my school/work schedule, I won't be able to see her unless I go today. She is heading off to Washington D.C. to the most expensive university in the nation...George Washington University. One day you will read about her in the papers(hopefully written by me). She is incredibly smart and is going to be a very decent politician. Rare, I know, but it will happen with her.

Anyone from Nigeria here?

Oh, check out The Urgency and Ludo if you are interested in hearing new music!

-M. Anarchy