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A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone!

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I am so happy to announce that I have received my new computer, and I now have it up and running. I am happy to report that I am online once again at home (not my library or a friend‘s house, which was quite restrictive). I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you, who most generously gave to the fund to help secure me a new computer. The computer is just great and I am can post faster; I know this will make posting such a pleasure from here onward. I can more readily backup all my research data and better serve this great online community now and in the future.

I am so honored and 'touched' beyond mere words to think that my friends missed me so much and participated in this commendable endeaver to have me back posting in this wonderful online community; I love it here and missed everyone so much! You are all great friends, even if you did not contribute monetarily, you give back to me, in so many ways, by ‘being there‘, when I need a friend…so many of you PM‘d me this past month, making sure I was ok or safe, wondering where I had run off to; this means a great deal to me.

I love my new computer and to those who did contribute, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks. I don’t know what I would have done without your generosity; it would have been a struggle to buy a new one, at this time. I have yet to solve a few problems in retrieving files on my disabled computer, but I am working that out systematically and a solution is close at hand; so hopefully, I have not lost any data (especially my literature research) or photos/stored music.

I especially want to thank the moderators - Logos and Scher, since they actively participated in making this happen. Scher went out of her way to keep me up-to-date and assure me that accepting this help, was the right thing to do. My thanks goes to Admin who ordered the computer and had it send to me so promptly, etc. Thank you all for your time and effort!

With warmest appreciation ~ Janine

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  1. Scheherazade's Avatar
    Glad you are enjoying your new computer, Janine!

    Keep posting!
  2. Janine's Avatar
    Scher, I am trying to keep up. I got myself into so many threads and discussions...some are going along 'slowly, but surely' is 'Tortoise Poems', so I am moving much like a tortoise...haha...but, I will get there.

    I love the computer! My old hard-drive is having the files copied this week; hope I did not loose anything, and the tech knows what he is doing.

    I love the new upgrades here, how about you? It was so simple now to start my blog.

    Scher, I did forget about writing reviews on books. I will write one when I find time, start with one of the Lawrence novels or novellas. It should be fun.

    Thanks again, Scher and I am posting plenty!
  3. Logos's Avatar
    Hey great Janine! you're finally blogging and so happy it all worked out with your computer
  4. Janine's Avatar
    Logos, thank you! I love my new computer. I like this new 'user-friendly' format for the blog and all the neat upgrade changes this week. It was easy to start posting in here, but apparently some of my friends still can't post comments - they don't see a block available. I went back into the Blog Control Panel and I can't quite figure out what is needed in the block spam folder. What is it that it is asking me to provide in that square? I never heard of that code before. I did however change the other settings. Maybe it is working now and I just don't know it. I still need to know about the spam setting.
  5. Niamh's Avatar
    I'm so glad you are happy with the new computer! We all love you too Janine, and you have made so many wonderful contrabutions to the forum, not to mention are a great help with some information seeking members and great to chat about movies with! How could we NOT miss you! Great to hear the computer is working so well for you and that you are pleased with it. ((((((Janine))))))
  6. Nightshade's Avatar
    What she said Its nice to have you back Janine
  7. Janine's Avatar
    Well, it appears to be fixed now unless Niamh is a mod, too...are you? I can see the square here with no problem but poor Virgil was the one who seemed to be at a loss on here and on Grace86's. If you fixed it Night, thanks so much!
    Niamh, how sweet and heartfelt was your reply. I love all of you guys, too. I always think it would be so cool someday to meet somewhere for a big Lit Net reunion in person. I know of groups that have actually accomplished this. Anyway, you compliments and praise really make me feel good. This is most important to me, knowing I might be helping others to understand authors or art, for that matter. These things are my passions in life and I truly love sharing them with others. This computer is wonderful! The tech dept at Circuit City was able to retrieve my old file for a low cost and I can pick that up tomorrow. I am glad I did not loose any data, especially my friend's emails from Lit Net...see what is most important to me; also my grand-daughter's first born pictures.
    Updated 08-21-2008 at 06:18 PM by Janine
  8. Niamh's Avatar
    i'm also a mod which is probably why i can post. Looking into it with nightie.
  9. AimusSage's Avatar
    Al right, I think I fixed the non posting issue for you Janine. When you post a new blog, below the text window there are a series of check boxes. One of them is to allow comments. For your blog it was unchecked.

    You can change it so that it is always checked by going to your blog control panel and check the very first check box under the default entry options and then save the changes.
  10. Nightshade's Avatar
    Well Janine if you have any more problems just give me a shout..Im going to be spending a good deal of the next 2 weeks learning all the changes, and the new things the updates have brought, myself.
  11. pussnboots's Avatar
    hey, I can finally post in your blog
  12. Nossa's Avatar
    Yeah me too Glad to see you finally have a blog, Janine
  13. Virgil's Avatar
    Holy smoke, it's fixed!! As to your blog, Janine, I'm glad we could help, and so glad you're back on.
  14. Janine's Avatar
    Thanks everybody; and especially, whoever fixed my blog. I am so grateful to you. I will heed what you said AimusSage. Night, thanks for emailing me so much to help out. Good luck learning the ropes with these new formats. I will pick both your brain often, for tips and advice.

    Glad to see you all here and happy, likewise to be back on this great forum and posting again. I guess, now that I have a real blog and you all can post comments, I better name it and explain what kinds of things I want to post and share with all of you. This should be fun!
    I have to go out tonight, so give me a little time and I am sure you will be popping in from time to time to see my progress and share your thoughts; I hope to make my blog positive and inviting.
    Updated 08-22-2008 at 02:30 PM by Janine
  15. eyemaker's Avatar
    Holy mackerel ! I can already post comment at your blog Jan! Finally..
  16. Janine's Avatar
    Glad to hear it is up and running again. Thanks eye. I will try and add something new to my blog next week; especially name it and give a description to get things started. I will be busy this weekend.
  17. mazHur's Avatar
    Hello Jan

    Nice to visit your blog. Where is your album or the link to it??
    take care and best wishes