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school days...what a drag...

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Well, the first day of school. A hard day for me. My scedule is as follows:
1. Geometry
2. Algebra II
4. Spanish I
5. Science
6. English
7. Food and Nutrition
8. World History
So yeah, it's pretty hectic . But i love it otherwise. So, 4th hour, in Spanish, the followingconversation occured:
Cody: "Bueanos Deis means thank you right?"
Me: "No, Bueanos Deis means good morning. Gracias means thank you."
Cody: "How do you say your welcome?"
Me: "Denata"
Brandon: "How do you say your smart?"
Me: "I dunno."
So that was funny. All of the people are older than me in my class. lol.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Cute. Alegebra and Geometry in the same semester? Hmm, I don't remember having two maths in the same year. What is EAST?
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    a drag? I thought you had a great time and love your schedule. Virgil they've changed it up some. She will be finishing all of the math I took in high school before she gets in high school. She will get college credit for some of her high school classes.
  3. pussnboots's Avatar
    donde esta el quatro de bano? where is the bathroom?

    vamanos - lets go.

    just so that you know, your welcome is spelled - de nada.

    hope you enjoy spanish
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh that's great Bailey. I took calculus in high school too. But for some reason I didn't get college credit. But it was easier when I finally took it again in college. And thank God. It was a lot harder in college. I needed the high school exposure.
  5. LadyWentworth's Avatar
    World History and English. Two easy A's for me. Math....Not so much. All the classes were hard enough for me. I want to help you a little with the Spanish, though. pussnboots already pointed out "de nada". So I want to tell you that "Good Morning" is spelled "Buenos Dias". I don't know if you happen to know this already, but "O" is masculine and "A" is feminine. Afternoon is "Buenas Tardes" and Night is "Buenas Noches", of course. My junior high Spanish teacher always told us that the way to remember that is that the daytime is for the working man (Buenos) and the evening is for the ladies (Buenas). KEEP IT UP!!! I used to be pretty fluent. I haven't dealt with the language in years and it is completely my fault. I have forgotten so much. I remember so many words without their translations. Or I know that I KNOW what a word should translate into in Spanish, but I am just blank. I have been looking into classes again to refresh my memory because I regret allowing that to happen. At one point I had the highest score, for assignments and exams combined, out of ALL of the students (104%). So that makes my forgetting a good chunk of the language particularly frustrating. By the way, I always found the alphabet fun to learn.
  6. browneyedbailey's Avatar
    Well the funny thig is that all of the ppl in my class are older than me. Brandon especially.
  7. Equality72521's Avatar
    haha. i have two sciences this year. anatomy and chemistry. and i'm in dual credit for us history and ap english. i'm going to die with thosee 3 courses alone
  8. sprinks's Avatar
    Well I'm happy to hear that you like it in general. I hope you keep having fun!