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Is it a time to go another way?

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A way of the life. Many times I read about it, in books. However, what does it mean? And how to change it? I would like to change it, and try to be better in writing. It will be a new experience. But I will not tell about myself.
It will be many words. Only a glimps of the mind, Im writing.

Sometime we have a desire to be better or change our activities. Let our mind flies across new opinions and topics to learn about. We are thinking.Still thinking. Going deeper and deeper to our dreams and desires. Finally it begins to suffocate us. A failure could be hard to resist without other dreams.

So I think, better is to have many activities and ability to choose a priority.

But I would like to know a suggestion from anyone else...and opinions. Thanks for them.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I'm not sure it's clear as to what you're trying to change. Career? School? Friends? The bar at which you hang out?