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The Politics of Writing

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Okay, I've decided not to go to graduate school for literature. After reading the garbage that is being published under the guise of criticism, I've decided to apply to the creative writing program.
For those of you who are wondering what qualifies as "garbage", it is literary theory. It seems one must chose an "ism" for oneself, and then interpret all literature in light of the "ism". Personally, I hate "isms"; multiple "isms" are acceptable because viewed together they are holistic, but divided they only represent one side of the prism, and therefore cannot realistically depict anything. (what is a prism with "ism" removed? It is PR - See?)
Of course, the argument is that one's "narrative" (aka subjective experience) is inseperable from how one approaches literature. Well, okay, but personally, I think we should view literary history objectively, and then as we specialize, take up a specific viewpoint *if it so suits us*. Instead, the "isms" are being thrust upon us by the political powers, and I hate politics - you guys know that right? So naturally I hate politics in philosophy, politics in theology, politics in literature. Shudder. "Ism" is pretty much a euphemism (LOL) for "political viewpoint", but what I can't understand is why people major in literature to spout their political views. Shouldn't they major in politics and then focus on literature? THAT would make sense - but since when does society make sense?
Furthermore, the "ism" writers can spend pages and pages talking without saying anything. They enjoy making arguments using big words, but if you reduce their arguments to content, then a few sentences will do. That is how you know the Emperor is freaking naked. Sophistry is alive and well in our universe.
Thankfully, creative writing has enough room (I believe) for me. Granted, the politics of modernism has infiltrated this area as well; shizzle is being passed off as literature. Same in modern dance. I remember taking modern dance and being chastized for dancing on-beat. I was told to interpret the music, so I did my best imitation of Frankentein at swim practice and was praised, but by the by, the star dancer at our school couldn't *keep a beat*. I used to see her out at the clubs and put her to shame out on the floor.
That's how you know the Emperor is freaking naked.
I can't wait until some little child points out how naked the Emperor is, and everyone else crawls under a rock out of shame for missing the obvious. I will rejoice that day. Heck, I'll buy that kid a double decker ice cream cone at Ben and Jerrys.
Revising my letter of intent. More to come.


PS: Anyone using an ism as a viable means to approach my writing will be shot dead, and if I am dead, they will be haunted by my angry ghost for the rest of their lives.


  1. Shalot's Avatar
    "(what is a prism with "ism" removed? It is PR - See?)" - I love that.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Good choice Countess. I have long expressed here on lit net that modern criticism, especially that in grad school is garbage. Garbage with a capital G. I know I have Masters degree, but I know what's there and what's usefull and it all that "ism" of modern criticism isn't useful in the least. Actually I believe it's harmful to literature. Best of luck in your endeavors.
  3. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Countes, I like this plan B. I am o happy to see you here and I hope things work out with your new plan
  4. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Good luck with your application to the Creative Writing program -- from what you and Virgil have informed us with today, the previous choice you had made would have made you one of them, imagine it! And yeah, that Emporer is Naked! [I'll join the shout till it is heard with ya!]
  5. andave_ya's Avatar
    Creative Writing -- good. I really hope this works for you, Countess. Yep, isms are irritating when applied to literature in an attempt to buoy bad writing up, but sometimes I must admit they can be tantalizing. Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism, optimism (had to sneak that one in there ), you get the idea.
  6. Red-Headed's Avatar
    My least favourite 'ism' is postmodernism, strangely it has become so over used it virtually doesn't mean anything anymore ... how postmodern is that? LOL