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A Ramble through Smilie Land

Orczy last part

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Finally finished The sparrow hawks nest really really got to say I struggled with it. And the sad thing is I actually used to enjoy her books, I hope this hasnt ruined the for me for lifr brcause that would just annoy me !

What can I say it was pointless gothic drivel, but lacking the fantastic entertainment factor that so many of her other books have. But as usual the historical aspects appear to have been really well researched and the book did get me to brush up on my english civil war era history. However if you want to read her Id stick either with Lady Molly of scotland yard
or the Scarlet pimpernel series (although not all of them are worth reading).
All in all I think sadly it earns a rating of defective soft drink.

( you think itll be nice but really they put too much ice in it and its diluted it and made it go slightly flat.)

I think all in all though Im staying away from the junk reads for a fair bit, now.

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