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Sci Fi Story

Third Times A Charm

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Wow, its been a while off from the blog. Maybe I should explain where I've been. Let's see... I know I told myself it would never happen again, but it did. I'm Homeless once again, for the third time in my life I have nowhere to live. Here is a link to a song to listen to while you read about my miseries...

My neighbor complained about me having too many people over at the apartment. Suzie cannot drive, and so her sister would come along. Its fine if its just Lena, the wicked sister, but she usually brings a guy friend of ill repute (name not to be mentioned).

Anyways, I was evicted, and moving my stuff into storage, as I couldn't find an apartment with availability. I ended up wasting my week off, which I had promised to spend with Suzie, moving all of my stuff out of the apartment. I was very stressed out. When I did manage to find some time to do something with Suzie, we had a major blow out. We broke up, but are still trying to be friends.

The next day, I became overheated from moving. I was going into heatstroke. The police took me into custody, and then placed me in a holding tank. I was dehydrated, but they ignored the obvious. They are sub-human in their complete ineptness.

While in the holding tank, an man punched me in the face. I began to hallucinate from the dehydration. It was very scary, I cannot tell you how bad it was.

Well the kind policemen then placed me in a separate room, after saying that I was going to try to kill myself. I was still so hot, that I stripped down to my birthday suit to lay on the cool tile floor.

The police then marched several female inmates past me. To further humiliate me. I thought their code was to protect and serve, not torture and embarass.

I was sent to the hospital, and eventually taken to the psychward I had previously escaped from. While I was in there, I was able to destress. I found solace in a poem by Langston Hughes called "STILL HERE"

Still Here
I've been scarred and battered.
My hopes the wind done scattered.
Snow has friz me, sun has baked me.
Looks like between 'em
Then done tried to make me stop laughin', stop lovin', stop livin'
But I don't care!

Anyways, I don't want anyone to worry, its just another adventure, and Suzie and I are still trying to figure out what we are going to do. I may be moving away, but in the meantime, I smell a lawsuit of enormous proportions....uh oh, better call the FEDS in on this group of corrupt officers. I'm sure I'll laugh last, and here is a cute pic of Suzie, her neice, and yours truly...Tah Dah! B!
I'm still here!


  1. Sweets America's Avatar
    Oh my God! I have a big need to give you a hug right now! That makes me sad, all of that which is happening to you...and those people who humiliated you, that's just so bad... That's good at least that your Suzie and you are still friends. Here is a virtual hug for you: <<<<<<B>>>>>>
  2. 's Avatar
    Wow, what an adventure indeed,B!
    I am happy to hear you survived. What they did to you is disgusting, I am glad you will seek a lawsuit.
    Things sound like they are really tough right now, I'm really sorry to hear that, but I urge you to remain the strong,awesome, kind-hearted guy that you are amidst all this madness. Keep listening to music and reading poetry,keeping pursuing...never let go of the taste for life that you have.
    I know homelessness and the police scandal are read as some, but I have always found that heartbreak is sometimes the worst thing to deal with in the end of it all. Know that we all wish you the greatest of strength in healing.

    Kipling's "If" has always kept me strong in times of chaos-
  3. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks for the hug Sweets. Suzie gave me a big one the other day, and it was very neccessary. Dramas, I love Kipling. I hadn't read that poem before, but I do understand it so well. Anyways...I loved his story, 'The Man Who Would Be King.' The story is relayed by the surviving friend, with his last night of life he shares the horrors of what happened and releases. Kipling is one of my favorites for a muppet show joke too. During the ballroom scene one muppet asks another, "Do you like Kipling?" The other muppet replies, "I don't know, I've never Kippled!" Thanks for the comments, and being my friends. B
  4. Countess's Avatar
    I'm so sorry - you've been through some very harsh experiences B-Mental, but you know what? You came out of them on the other side - you're much stronger than you think. In the end, you're a surivor, and even the police were not able to humiliate you into nothingness. At this point, I want to say "Rise up and throw off the shackles of your oppressors!" but don't want you to storm police headquarters. (--: Take it metaphorically, then. Keeping standing up.
  5. Pendragon's Avatar
    Where do you live that the cops are that stupid? Don't tell me, it could be anywhere. Good heavens, what a wild mess! I trust you are still doing fine. That Suzie is a cutie, Bro! You want to hang on to her! Don't let go!
  6. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments Countess and Pendragon. I'm staying in a hotel and not on very much these days. I'll probably be moving soon, but the lawsuit is definitely going to happen. My company fired me over the week interval that they couldn't get a hold of me. Its just another turn in the accident waiting to happen that I call life. Cheers, B
  7. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Oh my poor friend Pete! How the hey did I miss this entry?!? Well, I was away for a bit and I guess this one slid by me. ANYHOOOOOO: This is terrible, the way that you were treated. I really hope that something is done about it, time to make them answer for their rotten deeds. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing and such, Pete, because we DO worry about you. A Lot! Take care from your friend in the wheatfields, K♥zzo p.s. I loved the picture of you, Suzie and her niece
  8. Captain Pike's Avatar
    Pete, Pete, Pete -- I have been out of touch, apparently... caught up in my own self, to be sure.
    There have always been girls, I remember the name Susie, but see that she is in a power wheelchair! Somehow, I haven't been reading your entries enough even do know that. Sorry -- nobody would sit in such a chair if she didn't have to, correct?

    I am having a hell of a time with my own blog -- what happened to the categories? Oh, I don't know, I'll figure it out eventually.

    I hope you'll be all right,
    your pal, Phil.