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Picture Story!

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Yeah - I'm doing one. Not sure how this trend got started, but here goes.

Right now, this is the most perfect male specimen throughout the world. Meet Chase Crawford.

Chase makes a perfect Dorian Gray, if I do say so myself:

When Chase is not working on his hit show, Gossip Girl, he's practicing up on his Brokeback Mountain...

...with this guy...

...who, by the way, was in a boy band with this guy....

Anyone guess the band?

This guy, by the way, had a wax statue made of him at Madame Taussaud's museum:

...which strangely enough, is featured alongside this guy...

...who stared in Pirates of the Caribbean, and wore a coat like this...

...which was borne out of 18-19th century fashion, much like this...



  1. sprinks's Avatar
    That was random.... I love the way you can start somewhere and end up somewhere COMPLETELY different, but yet it all seems logical!
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    great pics- you and OB were the only two that I recognized. Does that make you as famous as OB?
  3. mtpspur's Avatar
    Never saw Gossip Girl so I didn't know the fellow. Has to OB--there is fellow onYoutube who posted an update if the old Man from U.N.C.L.E. series was done today. He used the classic theme music and had mockup photos of George Clooney as Napoleon Solo and OB as Illya Kuriyakin and Mr. Waverly portrayed by the actor who did Jean Luc Piccard from Star Trek andmy brain cells won't cough up his real name to me just now. If you want to see it I found it under Man from Uncle on youtube when I was looking for old TV series music.
  4. Shalot's Avatar
    I think it started with Sweets America's awesome doggie blog and her hilarious entries - I love it
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Countess I love your pictures, especially the last one. You're a really cool lady.
  6. andave_ya's Avatar
    OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE IT!!!!
  7. Countess's Avatar
    MH - I'm more famous than OB - here. ROTLFMAO! Rich, will have to look that up - it sounds funny! Virgil, the first photo of me doesn't do the coat justice. The leather is intentionally faded and worn - giving it an "old" look, but the sleeve design and buttons are virtually identical to the one Will Turner wore in Dead Man's Chest. I fell in love with his coat and when I saw this one - couldn't pass it up. The last photo I call my "Oscar Wilde" photo - very dandy. That coat is exquisite, a rich crushed black velvet with a wide shoulder trim and multi-tiered poet sleeves. Andave - I knew you would love it, because like me, you appreciate 19th century clothes. But I had no idea Virgil did too - LOL.
  8. Riesa's Avatar
    You are quite the beauty. I saw the most exquisite Oscar Wildeish play at the Guthrie in Minneapolis that I think you would have adored, it was called..The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde. they were all fantastic.. except for the spitting, but I guess that is to be expected, they MUST enunciate. and with enunciation comes spittle, it's quite disturbing! but..anyhow..they clothing was exquisite.