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Favourite Movies: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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i have a story behind this. i was a sickly child and about twice a week i had to be sent to the doctor to have my shots. my brother told me my behaviour in the clinic. he told me that i had this habit of cursing at the doctor's face a crunchy "PUTA!" expelled from the top of my lungs. what does this have to do with [I]The Good, the Bad & the Ugly[/I]? remember that scene where Blondie drops and leaves Tuco alone in the desert, Tuco shouts in front of the camera "PUTA!". Now, my father, every Sunday watches [I]The Good, the Bad & the Ugly[/I] while me and my brother play with our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. i never thought that i'd hold this as one of my favourites and that each and every scene were stuck in my sunbconsciousness since i was five. anyway this also plays a parable on how my friendship with Dr Richard and Lord Irwin works. Dr Richard is the goody two shoe backstabbing Blondie, i'm the ever lean and mean Angel Eyes, while Lord Irwin is the slightly neurotic Tuco.

[B]Advice: watch this using the original italian mono audio track.[/B]



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    Would you believe after all these years a comic book titled The Man with No Name has been released and the plot of the first issue is a continuation of The Good, the Bad and The Ugly. Was not the great read I had hoped for but potential is there. Did not like the cover at all. Very obvious they didn't get Clint Eastwood's permission to use his likeness or the copyright holders. Issue 2 is due any week now. There were a small series of paperback novels based on Blonde but difficult to find in good shape.