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Sci Fi Story

Meet Joe Black

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I've always been a fan of Brad Pitts, what an amazing person. He played Joe Black in a movie...

but I know Joe Black. Joe and B were great friends once. They had a hero, and Kevin died. He died with the brother of a possible girlfriend. Both of those men were my heroes. I still miss them. I do cry when I think of Joe. He lost his brother, and at the same time I lost my friend. Joe went on to be the Captain of the high school Wrestling team along with myself, and 2 others. They are lifelong friends although we rarely keep up. Joe and Michelle were featured in our High School Senior Year Book. They both went in the Military. Joe and I were both in Fort Benning. He in Airborne School, and I in Basic or AIT...I forget. I was called out in formation.

One day, I was called out of formation... me in front of 300 hungry men. My Drill Sergeant asked. "Who in the HELL do you know?" I was dumbfounded, for I knew no one other than my platoon. The man then said, "I've never recieved a call from this high up. It was for you!" I was so scared, I couldn't imagine. They told me, "You got 5 minutes and I want to see you back here. ASAP! I was shaking now, and I ran off. I ended up racing straight into my best friend. He used to be my mirror image, but there he was in his fresh Airborne Uniform. Spit shined boots and all. Right next to him were two people I've always loved. His parents, Fred and Sally Black. Fred is a lawyer, and Sally is in MADD, (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). I was so happy I wanted to cry.

We went and had dinner, and I know not what it was, but it felt like a four course meal. Men of higher rank came and took our trays, and I had my first desert in weeks. There I was the future Sgt. Rock, and visiting my freinds while others waited. I felt blessed with their presence, and I remember hugging them all. We were the chosen sons of warriors that would not fight, or more aptly that would fight, and fight to the death.

Joe stayed in Ft. Benning. I went to Germany. I enlisted for 5 years in the National Guard, when Desert Shield was upon us, and I begged God to not take him. It was a short, but horrendous fight. Joe was sent to Germany, now I was in Wisconsin. His plane was shaking with the vibrations and hums of its immediate departure, but there was a cease fire, and Joe came home safe.

Joe ended up marrying a pretty woman, and I well. I'm still single. This next president, is the last time I predict whom the president will be. The last time I go on vacation, only to have to watch these men of hope and wait. I hurt so, and although I jokingly say I am a three star general in the French Foreign Legion, there are three stars on my passport, and each one cost me pain and suffering.

I've gone to relax, and there were soldiers everywhere, and police. I always moved away, but I just wanted peace. I know what to do when there is no civility... end it. Its not always bad to be the homecoming king, its sometimes very nice. I was turned down from Homeland Security, but still I was found by a man named Ron, and he brought me to work for the present Vice~President. I then brought my brother, and quit. Going undercover to watch what was going on.

Joe Black now drills water wells, whilst I drill oil wells. I drilled a well for Sunshine, but only found a rainy day. I do believe that the rain will end soon, and kindness shall prevail. With all my heart, B


  1. Countess's Avatar
    Very poignant and reminiscently sad. Keep your chin up, B, okay?
  2. B-Mental's Avatar
    Yes, I promise to keep my chin above the rising waters. Only, if you promise to stay as cute as you are, and keep writing. I loved the last couple of blog entries of yours. B
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    This was sweetly sad. And yes, kindness shall prevail -- with you in the world! Love K♥zzo
  4. 's Avatar
    Very interesting and sad story. Yes, keep your chin up and keep reaching for the stars. Suzie
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Nice entry B-M.
  6. B-Mental's Avatar
    I wish Suzie weren't so pretty, it makes it hard to hate her. I really love her dog though, and Maggie is mean to me too. There is no rule number twelve, finally to the other comments, I quote my sweet friend Kiza.

    And yes, kindness shall prevail -- with you in the world! Love K♥zzo
  7. 's Avatar
    Not sure how to take that comment buddy.LOL Suzie
  8. Imre90647's Avatar
    Nice entry