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School's Out For Summer!!

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Yay! Yay! Hip hip hooray!
My end-of-school program/graduation went very well. Why wouldn't it though? The children are so cute. They could just stand there and all the parents would love it. But, they sang out like you wouldn't believe....Herman the Worm, Horace the Brontosaurus, Tom Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Little White Duck, Five Little Ducks, The Hukilau, The Cockeyed Mayor, You Are My Sunshine and many more. There must have been a hundred people there. I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a Russian sage plant!! I have been wanting one of those in the worst way. They are so beautiful when they are blooming.
I do have one more little picnic tomorrow and then maybe I'll go see Indiana Jones. Wanna go with me?


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Wanna go with me?
    Ok, let's meet half way, say Pittsberg. Only kidding. It's so nice to see a teacher take such pleasure in her students. You must be a great teacher Amp.
  2. ampoule's Avatar
    Hey, Virg, I'm game. I don't know how great a teacher I am but I certainly love my job. So, let's see, I think there is an hour difference between us and the movie starts at.......Hmmm, I wonder who we could pick up on the way? You could bring Antiquarian with you.
  3. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I'm so happy that the kids are (almost) out. Today is Bailey's last day, but chaney still has tuesday - Friday next week. I love this time of year! how do you plan to spend your time now?
  4. Sweets America's Avatar
    Yes, you are a cutie, Amp! As Virgil says, it sounds like you're perfect to work with kids.