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For Prince

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Okay, Princey-Poo. I didn't want to break into the wonderful conversation you were having with umbilical but I just HAVE to stand up for socks with sandals! LOL Really, I do. You see, I have SO many cute socks, being a preschool teacher and all, I hate hiding them in regular shoes. When I wear sandals the kids can see my crazy footwear. Believe me, they notice everything about clothes, my earrings, even the little freckle on my bottom lip.
So, please, no more prejudicial remarks about people who wear socks with sandals. LOL


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I didn't see Prince's conversation so I'm not sure what that was about. Well, I'm prejudiced too against sandals. I'm afraid I don't like them, especially on men. I don't know why, but it looks so geeky to me.
  2. ampoule's Avatar
    I'm a California hippie so it's sandals or barefoot for me. I thought maybe it was a Canadian thing cause a friend of mine in Ontario has a fit that I wear socks with my sandals. I should point out that that is usually only in early spring and fall and as far into winter as I can get. I don't wear socks in summer.
  3. B-Mental's Avatar
    I am fine with socks and sandals, in particular wool sandals. The wool sandal with a thick weave gives cushion to the cushionless sandal. Wool also repels moisture and stays warm even when wet. I swear by it. B
  4. Sweets America's Avatar
    Princey-Poo? Princey-Shou, you mean. Now about sandals, they are not my cup of tea, but oh well, if you love them, keep wearing them. Now about socks, I love mine, I have Donald Duck socks, Goofy socks, Mickey Mouse socks, Winnie the Pooh socks...
  5. PrinceMyshkin's Avatar
    I suppose you're happy now, being the agente provacateuse that you are, that you have prompted these fervent, not to say hysterical responses pro & con sandals per se, but permit me to say this about that (to quote one of your more malodorous past presidents), I don't really give a flying you know what or a rat's tukhes about socks worn with sandals! I was just trying to keep up my reputation as one of the resident 'wits'!

    How about them Yankees, eh?
  6. ampoule's Avatar
    @ Prince. There there now...I know, I know.