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Half the time

Short one...

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Wow, this is the first ever Mother's Day that I wasn't home. How weird is that? ):
Oh and my body hates me. I have two finals and an essay and a stats quiz this week and guess what it decides to do? Gave me a cold and have been pucking all weekend (when I've barely gotten sick all semester) . Thanks a lot. Really needed that right now.
And for the past couple of months, I keep on waking up before 7am... no matter how early/ late I go to sleep and I'm always so, so tired -__-.
On the bright side, I'm almost done with this year (10 more days left)! Can't wait to go home.
Now that's over with-

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere! =D (kids can be annoying some (most) of the time, but remember, they love you)

edit: coffee does not help


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh Same, I hope you get better real soon and do well in your finals. When it's all over, please tell us how your first year in college went.
  2. samercury's Avatar
    Thanks Virgil. I think I will .
  3. Sweets America's Avatar
    Ah, I also have a cold right now, during my exams. Hope you'll be ok, and good luck!!
  4. B-Mental's Avatar
    I feel for ya Samer. I'm going through the same thing. My nose is runny like a leaky faucet. I have been sneezing so hard that I have been throwing up. Anyways, heres to you and I feeling better soon. Hugs, B
  5. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Get well soon!
  6. samercury's Avatar
    Well I hope you both feel better soon and good luck on your exams too Sweets.