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Lawn Mower Blues

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Okay now, snap your fingers....yeah, that's it....keep snappin'.....
Now sing....

I went outside one morning,
the grass in the yard needed cut,
I pulled out the ole lawnmower,
Got a feelin' of fear in my gut.

It wouldn't sta-art
No no no no no, it was dead,
very dead
It wouldn't star-art
Kicked it and went back to my bed,
back to bed


Yep, I checked the oil, put in new gas and nada. Well, today at church I asked a friend if he thought it might be the spark plug. He said it very well may be. His wife brightened up saying he used to repair lawnmowers with his dad many years ago. Now this is a newly retired man and his wife is always looking for things to keep him busy. Not too long ago he replaced my mailbox that had been battered by Halloween pranksters.
Late this afternoon he called and asked if he could come pick up my lawnmower to check it out. I pulled it out of the garage and was dusting off some old grass when he pulled in. He chuckled and said I didn't need to dust it off for his to take it. He asked about the oil and gas and then I asked if he wanted to give it a try before he lifted it into his truck. Guess what? It started right up! I looked at him. He looked at me. We burst out laughing. He said it was the fastest repair job he had ever done. Evidently part of that grass I had dusted off had been stuck up under the spark plug and causing a short. I'm glad he laughed and I'm glad he just lives around the corner.
Now, for the second verse:

Are you snapping those fingers?

So now the lawnmower is working
The grass in the yard still needs cut
It's more fun relating this story
So tomorrow I'll make a grass hut

The grass is ta-all
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
very tall
The grass is ta-all
I'll prob'ly be able to rake it
into a wall
so much to haul
I'll try not to fall
I may call on y'all

Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh.