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Pizza and tornadoes

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Well, all I gotta say is this, it's a darn good thing I got my pizza. It makes it so much easier to listen to the tornado sirens going off. I sound pretty brave don't I? Uh-oh, the sirens have stopped, a small storm has passed and now it is very very quiet and still out there. The dark clouds are whizzing by. No, actually they seem to be going in one gigantic circle. Hmmm...maybe I'll mosey on down know...just to be closer to the basement...just in case I have to run down there...just in


  1. PrinceMyshkin's Avatar
    What you don't make clear is whether one eats the pizza or wears it as a protection against the storm? If the latter I hope you didn't order one of them thin-crust ones!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh be cautious. I've never been in one but we've all seen the results of one on TV.
  3. ampoule's Avatar
    Thin crust? Never! haha Two pieces and I am full-up! I'm just glad I didn't HAVE to wear it! All quiet on the midwest front!
  4. ampoule's Avatar
    And, I MUST apologize. It sounds as if I am making fun of nature's power while all around terrible things were happening. I'm so sorry about all the damage and deaths.
  5. motherhubbard's Avatar
    We had seven deaths in Arkansas- I stayed up to make sure we could get to the basement with plenty of time. I'm glad you didn't have to protect yourself with pizza even if it was a thick crust. And I'm shocked that Virgil has never been in a tornado, I don't guess I know anyone who has never been in a tornado. Do they not have them in New York?
  6. Shalot's Avatar
    Are you in Alabama by chance? Last night on one of those news shows I saw one of those scrolling news blurbs rolling by about tornados in Alabama.
  7. ampoule's Avatar
    No, Shalot, I'm in Indiana, way up in the corner near Chicago, IL.
  8. B-Mental's Avatar
    We had an awful storm last night on a job in eastern Texas. Luckily it was only hail. I'll pray you are spared any severe weather my friend. Thanks for taunting me with thoughts of pizza...too cruel. B