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Delusions of Eloquence

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white noise; man saying "go go go!"; lady answers "fire in the hole!"; "enemy spotted!"; friends, where are my friends?; playing stupid songs; american perhaps; guy lost his ammo, had to reload; girl says wait; viewing threads, now playing, click new posts, create new entry; blasts, gun shots, ear hurts, had to go; reload this page, nobody home; clean house tomorrow, bathe the dog; watch the shakey's volleyball league: far eastern university vs ateneo de manila university; book clubs, books, dh lawrence, dh means a lot: domestic helper, a filipina helper, a filipina maid, a filipina caregiver; what is art? a silly question; stop asking silly questions; admit you're stupid; delusions of eloquence; i don't want to talk or write like you; mr ermita in the United Nations; what's he doing there? terrorism in the philippines; human rights violations; bullsh-; the tunnel, to the right; how old is counter strike? friends; where are my friends? Dr Richard's in Kuala Lumpur, Lord Irwin's somewhere in the woods, Lady Magalpok's still in tabloid, Master Pogi's perhaps in Dubai; don't call me baby you've got some nerves but baby that will never do, you know i don't belong to you; no one's posting, shall i sleep? is Big Brother on? gossip culture; i love gossip; smileys smiling; smiley's un smiling; wake up people my as- hurts; mirth or jest; sweet or spicy; a burning smell or a smell burned; a match lit; lightning strikes twice; i smell bots; seeking jack kerouac; clickety click; dinner and chicken tinola; noli me tangere; want to read that; the smell of ginger; petrified soul; what makes great literature? originality, a unique voice; news: filipino boy killed in america; the Cebu scandal: a gas canister inserted inside a patient's as- caught in tape and spread in youtube; odious; what is post modernism? what is yadi yadi ya; tralalala Stephen's dad sang in the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; tralalala; was dh lawrence and james joyce acquainted? did virginia woolf change her underwear? will wong kar-wai make a better movie? how do i look? very well, i'm completely amazed.


  1. Dori's Avatar
    very well, i'm completely amazed.
    And so am I.