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Oh Innocence

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Do you remember
The day our spirits met?
The instant we knew we were one?
The day that we both
Found we were not alone,
And thought our search was done?

And so it was,
While both were still young -
Naive, though both knew pain.
Oh Innocence!
And so you remained,
While I clung to those days in vain.

But in spite, I grew up
To a blackness, unknown,
Oh Innocence, by you.
You - loving and childlike,
I - angry and weary,
Our common emotions too few.

Oh Innocence!
To keep silence, or speak,
Neither would you understand.
The one would but hurt you,
The other repulse.
With either, our future was bland.

Oh Innocence!
Our friendship was fated,
I knew it was destined to fail.
So why did it stab
So deep and so hard,
When you looked at me like I was stale?