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Posthumous Letter From Dad

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I wish to read to you a letter from my Father. He has been dead, now 7 plus years. I love him and my Mother so much it hurts me. This letter was written upon official "The Mousetrap, Inc" paper(Our Family Bar). I only have a photocopy left to read from. This is a letter upon my graduation. I was already set to leave for my first tour of duty, in April 1987, under President Reagan. It reads...

Dear Peter,
How do I say, I'M PROUD OF MY SON?
My pride has been growing and expanding since the day we chose a name that symbolized leadership.

Your achievments cause my chest to swell with pride. The fact that you were a Captain in football and wrestling is deeply impressive to me, but the manner that you conducted yourself as a leader is what I loved. The way you deal with others, your peers or adults, is something I enjoy observing and sharing. Compliments from adults I hardly know, or from old friends who have observed you in action, give me great pride.

I have always called you my best worker, but all of "Our Bement Children" are good workers. It is your attitude and stick-to-itivness that gives you that special edge. Most of all, I am proud and confident that my son Pete, will stand tall.

Be All You Can Be, There Are No Limits,
Its hard to fathom, but I still miss my Father. He was my Captain, my General, my Hero! Peace, B


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh, I know how that feels B-M. It's really nice you saved the letter. He must have been a great dad.
  2. Sir Bartholomew's Avatar
    That's nice. :)
  3. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks Virgil, and Sir Bart. I'm known as Brother Pete, (I'm sort of monastic, in the line of St. Benedict) Anyone seen Robinhood? I'd declare Camelot returns. LOL. Yeah, its a great concise letter. It was typed. Tommorrow, I'll post my Mother's letter to me. Hers was beautifully handwritten, and is so much more eloquent. No wonder she was my first girlfriend, and the most beautiful woman I've ever known.
  4. applepie's Avatar
    It is good that you treasure the letter, and I'm sure your Dad would still be proud of you today. Much Love Pete, Meg
  5. 's Avatar
    Pete, that is a beautiful letter and one to cherish forever. It is so true. You are one of the sweetest and most kind person that I have ever met. Everyone always tells me how sweet you are. I am also proud of you and want nothing but the best for you. I feel lucky to have met you and will always cherish the times we spend together and the memories we share. I wish I could have met your dad. He sounds like a great man like you. Love Suzie
  6. kiz_paws's Avatar
    What a special guy your father was, Pete. I just wanted to thank you for sharing that with us, how touching indeed. Kizzo
  7. mtpspur's Avatar
    That's a memory to cherish and thank God for in the time since your loss. It's a proud and gracious memorial. I wish I had known him.
  8. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind comments, I miss my Father everyday. He was always to busy, and I know I'm just like him. It really hurts to be his son. I remember: My Mother said that when he got older, and had his final battle with life..."Dad just wishes that his kids would live with him." I could not take another step, without thinking of him. He was the best man I could ever meet, and the first man I ever loved. B