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Are We All Pee Pots?

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Ok, when I was about 14 my two cousins from Michigan and I were walking home from the drug store talking about the boys we had seen there. One of my cousins had a real crush on one of them but thought he ran around with too many girls. I canít remember what she was saying but she had me laughing so hard that I peed my cutoffs while walking down the street. My other cousin thought it was so funny that she peed her pants just from laughing at me. We were all laughing so hard when we got home that the first cousin
was running to get to the bathroom. My Mom thought we had lost our minds.
To tell the truth, I wasnít really embarrassed because it was just too funny.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Another female piss pot? Why do all you women have pee in your pants stories. Nice to see you back. I hope your class is going well.
  2. 's Avatar
    haha, that's great. Virgi got me thinking - is peeing in your pants a girl thing? I've seen tons of women doing the peepee dance but hardly any guys that I can think of..
  3. Granny5's Avatar
    Virgil, thanks for the welcome. I've got 6 more weeks to go. Class is going good, just dragging. As to the pee stories, it's a muscle thing.
  4. pussnboots's Avatar
    yeah!! let's hear it for the piss pot women!!!

    glad to hear your class is going well. UGH though for another 6 weeks.
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Men do the peepee dance too. I don't think there is a difference in blatter and muslces between men and women, except man have a little extra extension.
  6. ampoule's Avatar
    haha...we women may do the peepee dance but men like to do the baseball player boogie. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. pussnboots's Avatar
    don't you just love the baseball player boogie?
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    I'm afraid to ask. Actually I'm really afraid to ask. *gathers up all his courage* What is the baseball player boogie?
  9. Anza's Avatar
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It brings a tear to my eye!
    reminds me of the time my cousins tickled me until I peed myself.
  10. Buddy Waldron's Avatar
    Yes, I want to ask a question. Does anyone know anything about Charles Dicken's "The Uncommercial Traveller"?
    I have found nobody yet who knows any history, meaning, or purpose Mr. Dickens wrote this. I am especially interested in the section entitled "The Devil and Mr. Chips". If you can offer me "anything" I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks