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Blog Comments!-please read

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I am ONLY "Featuring" one of my own entries because I want as many people as possible to see this; and I am afraid a lot of people might be missing comments to their own blog

Now and then people who are new members/not yet eligible for their own blog post a comment to someone's blog. It might be to a blog entry you made that day, or, it might be to a blog entry you made *months* ago. Their comment does not appear right away, it has to be posted/"accepted" manually by Scher or I.


The only way I know of right now that you can be notified of New Comments to *any* of your blog entries is to "Subscribe" to that specific Blog Entry. If you already have a lot of Blog Entries ... like, err, mtpspur!!! ... well I wish you luck but I suggest you always Subscribe to your own entries; this way you get an email notifying you of the new comment and you get a link to which entry it was for. A comment someone makes on an older blog entry of yours might not show up in your "Recent Comments" block, if you even have that enabled.


To Subscribe to a Blog Entry:

click on the "Entry Tools" drop-down menu on top right hand corner of the blog entry.

Select "Subscribe to This Entry".

Then, choose "Instant", "Daily", or "Weekly" updates.

There! Now no more missed comments



  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    A chance to be the beloved Logos 100th comment. Not about to pass that landmark up. Fortunately the long suffering one was in the room while I was trying to figure out what all this means. E-mail--I rarely use it. We'll see. Kicking and screaming his way out of the Jurassic age of computer use.
  2. PeterL's Avatar
    Thanks for posting that. I just went back through and discovered that I have missed some comments.