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Selfish at heart

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"Selfish at Heart"

Crude actions come from this girl,
with dark in her eyes,
and no warmth in her heart.

On the path to destroy others,
prancing around as a princess
when really a witch within.

Begging for attention
around every corner she can get.
Selfish actions, pushing down others.

Fake in her words,
only pretending to care for others.
When really in her heart,
its not about others,
but her selfish well being,
and destroying the happiness of all around.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Are you sure my ex-daughter-in-law is not a neighbor of yours. Last I heard she's still hasn't been murdered in her sleep yet. But I can dream. You have just so captured her in all her amoral behavior patterns. Absolutely no empathy for others. Treats her own mother like a dog I might add. Ah memories.
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Stay away from the subject of this poem, Manny2, and you'll be doing all right. - Kizzo