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"Reality" TV

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You know why "reality" TV shows have to still give the people on their shows "lines" and actions to say and do, even though it's supposed to all be "real" life?

Because "real" life isn't a plot.

When we read, watch, or hear a story, we expect a beginning, middle and end. An exposition, a rising action, a climax, some falling action, and some kind of conclusion...some closure.

Real life ain't like that.

Sure, we all have an exposition of birth and background. Most of us gain some rising action as we develop as kids, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a climax in their life. And who the hell wants falling action in their life and death as a conclusion? How depressing is think that after the "climax" you only have one direction to go? Can't we live life full speed at a climax until we flatline?

Sure, there are some true stories that have all of these elements. The stories you tell your friends as you sit in restaurants or in coffee shops. The stories you share on a first date.

But, there's my main problem: relationships. Relationships are NOTHING like what you see in the movies. I know we all know that, but, UGH! Why do we keep fooling ourselves, watching these silly same-story romance plots, thinking we might get to have that one day?

A girl I know is falling for a guy friend of mine. He is, no exagerration, an AWESOME guy. He'll make a great husband and father one day. The girl seems a good match for him, too. The problem? She's got a boyfriend.

It'd be nice if the boyfriend were some idiot who was cheating on her and being mean to her all the time in the movies, wouldn't it? It'd be nice if my friend could come to the rescue and make her see how a real man treats a lady, wouldn't it?

Guess what? The boyfriend's a great guy. Perfectly nice guy. Let's his girl hang with my friend as much as she wants, because he's not the jealous type, and he wants her to have friends outside the relationship.

Where's this plot going? Nowhere. Sure, I can update y'all and tell you of all the turmoil going on in the girl's head, and in my friend's head. Maybe there will be a climax if the girl decides to leave her guy...but I doubt it will ever happen. Real life goes nowhere...we live it...and it's up to us to put climaxes in there...if we can manage it...

So, yeah, rant over :P


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    but not everyone is lucky enough to have a climax in their life.
    Well, let's hope everyone has at least one climax (*wink, wink*) in their life.
  2. pussnboots's Avatar
    get your mind out of the gutter Virgil!!!!
  3. mtpspur's Avatar
    I really have to be bored beyond belief to watch a reality show. Even the return of Paige Davis to Trading Spaces no longer thrills. The palying to the audience is what annoys me. As to your friend. Kudos for having two exceptional men in her life--on whatever terms. We are not always dogs.
  4. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Oh man, I completely agree with you. Reality T.V is disgusting...