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Made It.

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Four and a half hours of pouring rain and crazy people driving 75
when you canít see 20 feet in front of you and Iím finally here.
I have never been on a toll road before but I was today. The Cherokee
Turnpike cost $2.25. I got in the short line, cash only and no receipt
and had to dig out quarters. Thank goodness I had enough. Also, I
seem to be in The Cherokee Nations, not Oklahoma. The sign when
I left Arkansas said Welcome to the Cherokee Nation, not You Are
Now Entering Oklahoma. I didnít know where the heck I was. LOL
Anyway, the turnpike is awesome, or it would be if it hadnít been
raining buckets. The speed limit is 75 with a min. of 50. Now it the speed
limit was 55 or 60, I wouldnít have had a problem going75 on dry pavement.
But I had a hard time keeping above 50 even when it wasnít raining so
hard. Iíd be going alone feeling like I was making good time when
Iíd look at the speedometer and Iíd be doing 52. I turned into a granny
just by crossing the state line. I got to the hotel, which is very nice, and
couldnít prove who I was. The kid at the front desk accepted my library
card and a couple of paycheck stubs as id. Security. But, the best thing
so far is I have no room mate!!! Yeah. Iíve got a very nice suite all to
myself and donít have to worry about noise or snoring (mine or hers)
or what to watch on tv. I can watch anything I want. I can leave the lights
on all night if I want to or turn them all off when I want. I think my luck
may be changing. Still worried about getting stopped though.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Good news all around. Glad you made it safe with all that rain. The clerk was more helpful then I expected.
  2. Sweets America's Avatar
  3. pussnboots's Avatar
    happy to hear you made it.
  4. 's Avatar
    Glad you made it.
  5. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Thanks for calling so that I wouldn't worry all night. you're always so thoughtful! boy, it must have been bad for you to go that slow~ I mean, I could understand you creeping around at 52 in a school zone
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    I have never been on a toll road before but I was today.
    What?? I guess you've never been to the northeast. Around here you can't go anywhere without hitting a toll. Turnpikes, bridges, parkways, they have their hands in your pockets every time you turn around. I live on Staten island. To get off, if you go east to Brooklyn we have the Verazano Bridge, a $10 toll, but you only pay one way. If you go west, there are one of three brdiges to go to New Jersey, all at an $8 toll, again only one way. In New Jersey you have the NJ Turnpike that depending where you get on or off can run you 1 to 10 dollars each way. There are tunnels to go to from Brooklyn to Manhattan, so if I wanted to go to Manhattan from Staten Island (mind you this is all the same New York City) it will cost $10 for the Verazano Bridge and $5 each way for the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. That's $20 round trip. And now they are talking about charging you to just go into mid town Manhattan, another $8. Who votes for these clowns, and why do people keep going along with it? On another note, glad you've made it there safe and sound. I've calmed down now.
  7. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I donít even know what a turnpike or a parkway is.
  8. mtpspur's Avatar
    Turnpike is an old fashioned word for Interstate. (As opposed to State Routes.)
  9. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I am glad that you made it and hope that by the time of reading this, that you had a good trip. Oh, and I really got a huge smile with Virgil's amusing comment:
    Who votes for these clowns
    Sorry, Virgil, but that really tickled my funny bone (you sound like my hubby, ha ha!) Cheers, Kizzo