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Johnny Depp

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I am on spring break this week so I left the house at 7:30 and drove to the mall to walk. I usually walk outside but I can walk much faster at the mall because I don't have to watch for potholes or bad sidewalks. The temp is great and there's music, lame as it is, but it's for all ages. And, of course, there are no shoppers that early. Then I went to Bob Evans for a light breakfast and worked on a poem. Next I decided to stop at Curves in Crown Point and did two rounds. Then I stopped and washed my car and pretty soon I'm heading outside to clean up my front yard. That will be more than I can handle for today, I'm sure. Car club meeting tonight.

So, what does all this have to do with Johnny Depp? Are you tricking us Amp? Trying to get us to read your blog?
Well, I had forgotten, today is the day that Johnny and the rest of the crew rolled into Crown Point to do filming on Dillinger, his new movie. I couldn't believe the crowds of people hoping for a look, standing behind barracades. It was fun to see the trailers parked everywhere and the caterer was firing up the grill to feed the hungry actors. My son lives right on the square and I called him to see if he had seen anything. He and his girlfriend were having breakfast at one of the local downtown restaurants and from what they were told the actors would be out for a visit at 1 p.m. If he gets any good pictures I'll share them. For those of you who don't know, the Crown Point jail is the one John Dillinger escaped from using a gun made of soap. For those of you who don't know who John Dillinger was, he was an infamous bank robber/gangster from the 30s/40s who was turned in by the famous lady in red and shot and killed in front of the Biograph Theatre in Chicago.
Kinda neat huh?


  1. motherhubbard's Avatar
    that is neat! It makes me want to see the movie. maybe you could try to hang around the set and be an extra or lady in the crowd then we could see you in the movie and that would be really really neat!
  2. B-Mental's Avatar
    I can't remember where you live Ampoule. I think thats pretty awesome. Johnny Depp is an incredible actor, and he chooses his roles well.
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    Johnny Depp! Yes if you son does get good photos, please do post them!
    Better still, you should try meet him and tell us all what hes like. although i do think MH's idea is quite a brilliant one. never heard of Dillenger so i'm gonna have to look him up...
  4. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    A)The premise of the story sounds awesome! And B)You can't go wrong with Johnny Depp *adds to movie list*
  5. LadyWentworth's Avatar
    This is kind of funny in a way that you are mentioning this. Well, not "ha! ha!" funny, but coincidence funny. Only a few people know what my problem is exactly. I won't complain and I won't whine. After all, this is your blog, ampoule. But I have been very unhappy lately and it all involved this movie! I was contemplating writing an entry on it, but I figured the world would think I was nuts for getting that mad over the situations that took place concerning this film. Anyway, I wonder how close they would allow your son to get to the set. I know in one of the towns where they are filming here it looked like some people were allowed to get pretty close to the actors.
  6. Granny5's Avatar
    I love reading about the gangster from the 30's and 40's. It's hard to believe that someone could escape from a jail with a gun made out of a bar of soap and boot black, but it did happen. I don't think folks were as knowledgeable back then and it wouldn't work these days. My Granny used to tell me stories about Frank and Jesse James and the Dalton gang coming through where she grew up. I think she made some of it up but they were good stories. Hope we get to see some pictures.
  7. ampoule's Avatar
    Lady, you should write a blog about it. And you are welcome to whine on my blog anytime. I'd love to know what those situations are that you allude to. As far as getting close to the actors, the barricades seemed to be set back quite a ways. Someone said the local barber was told he would not have much business for a week because of his location. I'm sure he would be compensated though. Wouldn't you think? Haven't heard from my son yet. Geez, maybe Johnny Dillinger Depp grabbed him for a shield. lol
  8. optimisticnad's Avatar
    I love Johnny Depp!
  9. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Amp, that is exciting to be able to catch a glimpse of Johnny. Be sure to post any photos if you are so lucky to get them!