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I'm watching Final Destination 3. I know that's not really a film worthy of critical literary acclaim, but it is reminding me of the second time I watched Final Destination 2 (another unnoteworthy film).

I say the second time I watched Final Destination 2 for a reason. The first time I watched it, it was nerve-wrenching. It seemed every corner and crack was a danger to the characters. Outstanding suspense. I saw it with my boyfriend, as did three of my friends.

In the school days following that weekend, my girlfriends and I talked about the movie's effect on our nerves. We noted how much fun it would be to watch the movie a scond time, since we would know when there would just be "close calls" and when there would be actual carnage. We could laugh and jest and be merry, like a bunch of lunatic women in the back of the theatre.

Couldn't do it Friday night, because that was "boyfriend night." Luckily, watching a movie a second time for a "girl's night out" didn't bother the boys since they had already seen it with us. Saturday night rolled around, and the four of us girls found ourselves in the last row on the left side of a dark theatre. Four cute guys sat in the row in front of us, looking back at us occasionally and smiling. One winked.

We laughed.

The movie started. Death and carnage flashed before us and we shrieked with pleasure. The guys looked back, unsurety now tainted their smiles. As each character died, we accompanied the moments before with our own comments of suspense "Do it, don't do it!" The guys eventually stopped looking back. It was a night of freedom, a night where we got to shed the guise of "women" and be rowdy. A night we could cheer gore with as much excitement as our boys did.

It was fun. And it was the last time the 4 of us got together and laughed like that. Time draws people apart, you know, but that memory of that movie and those crazy-woman laughs which so worried the boys in front of us. Good times.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    This was a nice entry. Feel like I know you a bit better now. Never saw those flicks though--horror not being a favoriate genre.