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Haven't written anything on here in a long time... I had a presentation- yesterday now... and I'm still shaking from it. At least it's over and done with! and that's really good because I spent an entire week panicking and having nightmares about it- even better, nothing really embarrassing happened this time (well, except for my voice shaking and my saying um a lot)... yea...
Semester's being going pretty well so far, I think, except for history which I'm not sure about because I have no clue what the heck we're doing in that class. I mean, I go there every day and he just goes on and on about random stuff and then tells us we're going to have a midterm on something next month... I'll figure it out eventually.
I love my chem and bio classes so much! The labs are pretty fun too except that the bio lab's a bit icky at times and is really making me re-rethink my opinion of meat . Worst thing is, I keep on having these weird dreams that, instead of dissecting a rat or something, I'm dissecting a human and it's really kind of creeping me out...
The first chem lab was so embarrassing though- I broke 2 crucibles(!) within the first five minutes and almost set my area on fire... fun
And I also rediscovered something- I'm really bad at writing an entire essay about myself... it's so I don't know how to describe it :/
side note- everything sounds muffled (like when you're underwater for a while) and my throat really hurts from coughing, but I don't want to go to the doctor's

So how everyone else doing?


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Hey there Same. You're over the presentation and you are now stronger from it. It will get easier as you get older. I used to have the same panic. Now I get in front of people all the time. And don't start any fires. Glad you like lab so much. I don't think I could dissect anything. Yuck. Thank God I didn't have to do that. I only had physics and engineering labs. I don't even recall having a chemistry lab. But I'm old and can't remember that far back.
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    One trick i always used in public speaking was to look just slightly above the eye level of the audience to give the appearance of looking AT them but not being distracted by the facial expressions (or lack of.)
  3. samercury's Avatar
    -Thanks for the advice- I tried it before, but it still doesn't work (in fact it makes me more nervous so :/)

    -I sure hope so. The fire wasn't really my fault... and it didn't spread so . The whole dissecting thing is actually pretty cool once you get past the smell of the thing they use to keep them from spoiling...