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Well, I finally finish the letter of thanks. Now I am freeeeeeee!!! (at least till I realize I have to study for Monday)

The reason to bore you to death once again with my blog is that I finished The Stranger (what a impressing deed, the book has only 95 pages ). Any way, this reading left me with the irresistible desire to write (for your unhappiness). That way it reflect my thoughts was too much normal in its appropriation. Like usually with similar books I think only for it, but this is not the main problem. The problem is that I am constantly trying to make parallels between it, La Nausée by Sartre and Steppenwolf by Hesse. Of course the first parallel is quite normal after Camus' works are influenced by Sartre's, but the second one is quite embracing, simply because I don't know with who to discuss (generally I am quite unsure when make some statement of this type in public; not that this is stopping me to think I am absolutely right in every aspect of my really mixed-up thoughts). So, please help me and tell me your opinion, if, of course, you haven't already died after you have read the first two sentences and have understand that they have something embarrassing – complete lack of sense.

Now, I have to apologize for the upper paragraph, but I think that the normal excuse for the moment lack of all sanity is not going to work this time, and so to cover up my mental instability I shall have to write something especially for you (whoever you are of course).

Ah, yes, I have a bit sensible idea, after all. Yesterday when I was discussing the blogs and the normal frequency of the entries with one friend of mine, he told me that the art should not be tamed. Well, ok, this statement is right wherever you are trying to see it, but there is something which is bothering my mind. Why in the blog we are supposed to write our new stories or poems? I don't see the point here, not because there is no sense in sharing your works, but because of the idea that there are sites especially for this. Why not to expose them there? I myself have ever preferred to have such kind of journal in the net, hoping it is going to help me to share my thoughts with the rest of the world (what a cliché, don't you think?). So once again I ask for your help, please tell me why it is normal (oh, how I hate this word) to post stories in the blog and not the description of the thoughts?

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  1. kathycf's Avatar
    I think you can post whatever you like in your blog. It can reflect your personality however you see fit. If you want to put stories or poems, personal thoughts or experiences....all are fine to do, or only one. It is completely your choice.
  2. Alexei's Avatar
    Thank you, kathycf!
  3. PeterL's Avatar
    I didn't know what to do with a blog until I started one. It turned out to be a great place to put things that came to mind that I wanted to express, but that weren't salable, nor were they things that would interest any of my friends. Some of what I have blogged, here and elsewhere, are ideas that I may want to use as part of something else, someday. I can put things into a blog, and they will be there a few years later for me to refer to, or revise, or whatever. Blog more, it's good practice for writing in general and for a general audience.
  4. 's Avatar
    I tend to agree with you about the posting of work on a dedicated website. That is what I do. The blogs are (for me anyway) social contact and tapping into the the creative stream of consciousness. I have two website currently. the one I am working on is a fun little project.
    You appear to have the skill and motivation to do a similiar sort of thing and you might like the idea and get some inspiration from it.
    As for the Steppenwolf connection, perfectly understandable, Hesse is the soul of an existentialist. Read Narcissus and Goldman. the similiarity is even more apparent there.