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strange things we say in dublin

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In Ireland we are on a bit of a league of our own when it come to english, which is why you can actually purchase hyberno-english to anglo-english dictionaries! so i decided to post a few of the expressions we use in dublin. A lot of the polish in work have a hard time figuring out what we say!
so here it goes!
Would you get away out of that!- Stop messing
Your bleedin gas!- Your funny
here will ye meet him?- basiclly asking if you want to snog/kiss some guy.
a score- 20
alright whats the story!- hello how are you
your a spa (or sap)!- idiot!
doing my nut in- getting on my nerves
amadain- idiot
I'll meet you at the stiletto- I'll meet you at the spire on o'connell street
I'll meet you at the tart with the cart- I'll meet you at the molly malone statue.
Boggers!- generally refaring to someone from outside of dublin
culchies- same as above
Scobies/ shwears/ skangers- chavs in england. generally dodgy looking people with thick dublin accents, wearing tracksuits, striped jumpers and a cap sitting at a 45 degree angle and a joint in their gobs.
gobs- mouths
yobbos- young folk acting up to mischief
d4's-snobs from the dublin 4 area of the city.
Tallaghtfornians- people from tallaght
I'm going to stab city next week- i'm going to Limerick
that bloke was in the joy- that guy was in mountjoy prison
Jaysus!- Jesus!

Updated 08-22-2008 at 11:54 AM by Niamh

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  1. kilted exile's Avatar
    Yes, I have noticed since moving out here that so many expressions I use get blank looks
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Hmm, I should put together some of the New Yorkisms. I bet most of them would have to bleeped out. Those are pretty cool Niamh.
  3. LadyWentworth's Avatar
    Very good to know for when I finally make it there! I should come up with some of the things we say in Milwaukee. The looks are funny from people when you go out of town and ask for a "bubbler" (though I think St. Louis was the other place that said that - I may be wrong, though). That is a drinking fountain, by the way. Is "drinking fountain" correct? You see, I really don't know anything else but "bubbler".
  4. 's Avatar
    Cool phrases Niamh! We have gobs, yobbos and doing my nut in in the North of England too, and of course we al know Jaysus courtesy of Father Ted!
  5. applepie's Avatar
    :lol: Thanks Niamh. That was pretty cool to read. I have to say that "Doing my nut in" was my personal favorite. The context would be so different here that I couldn't help but laugh. Let's just say it would not be acceptable to be used in polite company;)
  6. Shalot's Avatar
    you're bleedin gas - that just sounds painful. those are pretty neat.
  7. Niamh's Avatar
    glad you find it funny! I forgot to add " would you ever get the bleedin boat!" which is basicly feck off. not to mention " he doesnt know his arse from his elbow!"-Idiot...(infact we have a lot of expressions that involve the A word that i dont think i could write here even though what they actually mean is different and not vulgar....) okay some more: Banjaxed- broken; Sound- can be used in different contexts, sound bud being thanks or grand or he's/she's sound-as in cool (or sound as a pound); going to the bog/jax (jacks)- going to the toilet; you're coddin me!- your joking!; janey mack!- same as if we said jaysus!; ye cabbage!-idiot (we have a lot for idiot.... ) ; fall on your snot- fall flat on your face ; he thinks hes the cats pyjamas!- he thinks hes perfect ; Shes beef to the heels like a mullingar heifer- big woman ; I'm scarlet for ye!- i'm embarressed for you....
  8. kiz_paws's Avatar
    That was a big help, and hey, I'm gonna try some of those out on my friends!
  9. Niamh's Avatar
    hahaha! you should Kiz! See what their reactions are and let me know!
  10. ampoule's Avatar
    How fun! Yes, I think we have crazy sayings everywhere. My husband was from Kentucky and had tons of them. Wish I'd have written them down.
  11. B-Mental's Avatar
    Here is a link for my dear Irish kindred spirit. It is a ledger of a ship coming to America. It tells a governmental story where many people died. It is beautiful if you know how to read it. I'll blog it sometime soon. Forty Two passengers died on the voyage.
  12. B-Mental's Avatar
    A couple irish american sayings from the men. "Quick, get the boat...theres fish to fry." Its time to eat, or go get your mother and don't ask questions...LOL It also means that Da is stewing for a fight against another man (and his clan) and probably you should get two or three of your brothers. Then there is the song..."Does eat oats, and mares eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy. A kid'le eat ivy too, wouldn't you?" Its a lullaby, the barnyard lullaby. Cheers and toodles to you, ya rascal. B