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Earth Hour--29 March 2008

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If you care; if you are inclined to believe that the earth's climate is in a state of rapid change, I thought I would post a link to an interesting video If you don't care about 'tree huggers', 'climate change', and all that other 'anti-capitalist bunk', watch it anyway, take it for what it is worth, an interesting cinematic work of art

"Twenty days. Twenty thousand still images. A single message. Toronto Star photographer Lucas Oleniuk captures the issue of global warming in a video created entirely by using still images. It's part of the countdown to Earth Hour, March 29."

Airsick: An Industrial Devolution





  1. crazefest456's Avatar
    Wow, that was a really good video...But it got me thinking...If it's this bad in Canada, which is very green relatively, what about everywhere else? The shot with a little forest encircled by man-made habitation was shocking. Very cool, Logos
  2. 's Avatar
    Actually craze, Canada is *not* exemplary in it's policy on carbon emissions: Canada gets Fossil of the Day Award
  3. B-Mental's Avatar
    I loved the video...this reminds me of one of my heroes! John Muir...please sometime go to this Wikipedia site...
  4. Niamh's Avatar
    man it really makes me feel sick looking at that. But it is a wonderful video. The should have showing in cinemas before the main movies feature comes on, to get the messege across to more and more people....
  5. B-Mental's Avatar
    What a good Idea...maybe I will do just that...I am making a snowboard movie, or part of it....many many friends are doing just that in March...oh it would be so easy to do it... think of longer more beautiful winters and more snow to ride...but I digress.
  6. ampoule's Avatar
    Great video, Logos. Great idea from Niamh too.
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh what a silly video. So they want us to live without cars or electricity or airplanes or without heat in our homes or air conditioning. Does anyone expect me to believe that Canadians can go without heat in the winter? Come on. Grow up. This is the modern world. No one other than whackos are going to live like cave people. Almost everyone on lit net wants to do world travel. What are you going to use, a paddle boat? Actually when I saw the auto workers there, I was wondering what would these people live on when they get rid of their jobs. What would poor Admin do for a living when people can't use computers any more? I'll make sure that I put on all my lights on March 29th.
  8. motherhubbard's Avatar
    thanks for sharing that Logos!
  9. mtpspur's Avatar
    Definitely a work of art. I liked the Thoreau comment in contrast to the jets. Something to think about. Thanks for sharing a view of the world we tend to NOT reflect upon.
  10. Niamh's Avatar
    Oh Virgil!!! do you not want to help the planet in some way? I know what you mean, in the modern world it would be hard to live with out the convieniences we have. AN yeah i do want to see the world, but i also want to do something as well. Recycling, composting degradables, and then using it to feed the plants in the garden,(instead of sending it all to land fills) planting lots of trees, using less electricity etc. Thats what the point is about, not give up everything and live like a hermit. As the old saying goes, every little helps. We try our best over here to help the environment but its not enough.
  11. Virgil's Avatar
    Hehehe, well the planet is doing fine. One of my objections to the environmental movement is that they have elevated this to a religion. (My objection to global warming is scientifically based, so that's a separate issue.) Notice how everyone here feels guilty about themselves. It used to take real religion and real sins against people to make people feel guilty. The environmentalist make everyone feel guilty for just living. There are environmentalist who actually wish for the end of humanity so that the planet can norm itself. What kooks. I don't feel guilty for traveling in an airplane; i don't feel guilty for heating my home; I don't feel guilty for driving a car to get around; I don't feel guilty for using electrical appliances. In fact these environmentalist want to turn us into modern day monks, living by candle light in a small room with no travel and no appliances. And yes I recycle and I tried composting for my garden but that's a pain with the dog digging it up and I try to make the most use of things.
  12. B-Mental's Avatar
    Ok, short one, Don't you think its funny that Automobile is right next to Attorney in the phone book!!

    Read that as how greed is destroying the planet and watch the vid again!
  13. Countess's Avatar
    My only objection is Virgil seems to bear some grudge against cave people, modern day monks and hermits, all of which comprise my idealistic daydreams. (-: I differ from the environmentalists in that I don't think everyone should live like I dream of, and my motive is to escape humanity rather than effect massive global environmental change. Granted, I love nature and hate humanity, but I'm a realist: Virgil should be able to have heat, air conditioning, and as much beloved technology as he desires. On the other hand, a gas-guzzling Hummer is not a necessity. (-: Moderation in all things...
  14. Virgil's Avatar
    I just found in a revived year old thread on the countries one has visited that Logos is quite the world traveler: Logos, you mention your quite extensive use of automobiles (that dreaded oil burning invention) driving back and forth across the continent and airplanes (that air polluting machine) flying across the world on your trips. Tsk, tsk. Such an environmentalist's nightmare. Now Logos, do you feel guilty for contributing so extensively to global warming, air pollution, and the de-greening of the world?
  15. 's Avatar
    LOL... Maybe the better questions to ask are; "Why do I get so defensive about environmental issues?" and "Do I make gross generalisations and erroneous assumptions about people and their ideas?"