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Interracial dating

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I think its really great that we have so many people from different countries and ethnic back grounds here on Litnet.
I'm curious as to your opinion on interracial dating,

would you date someone from another race?
have you dated someone from another and what were the challenges?
whats is the general view on interracial dating from your community?

As for me I have dated women from other races and the truth is that there weren't many "challenges"that I noticed apart from the occasional stare from people.
In post-apartheid South Africa, interracial partners are becoming very common, but there are still a long way to go.

So, a penny for your thoughts.....


  1. 's Avatar
    Yes I have and would again date someone from a diff. race than my own. Challenges in my opinion seem related to the typical issues of human-human interactions, and or other people taking a negative racially based-issue with it.
  2. 's Avatar
    Being from Canada (Anglo-Scots/English/Latvian ancestry) a racial 'mosaic' of a country that likes to celebrate differences between people, I have rarely seen any problem with interracial dating I have and have had b/fs and friends of many races, but I guess anywhere you go you see elements of bigotry and racism but its certainly not a part of my everyday life.
  3. grace86's Avatar
    No problem here, a beautiful person in personality, spirit and yes, even looks, is a beautiful person. The only negativity would be racism from others, but that kind of thing doesn't exist in my thoughts.
  4. mtpspur's Avatar
    I have very pleasant memories of a lady whose first name I shall keep to myself but we barely lasted a month as in the 70s the racial climate did not make for encouragement and I was wishy washy about comitment--too chicken even to ask her if we had a future together. After she married and we had one last dinner together before she left for Korea to join up with husband (she was married less then a month by then) there was a 'might have been' speech that still haunts me after all these years--met the long suffering spouse 4 years later and she is aware of my strange historiesand is more tolerant of my living in the past then I would ever be. She did call me and write but I was too nervous about disrupting the marriage--had not learned THEN you can be friends with a woman AFTER romance or whatever it was.
  5. 's Avatar
    Race is only a mental challenge, otherwise if anything it is a wonderful path to the many facets of love.