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Half the time

"I wish I had it in me not to care"

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas
Confusing stuff (well, one of them anyways):
My mom and boys- Every day ever since I've been little, she's said "stay away from boys" with the menacing look and dreadful stories about her sister (and my cousin who's "such an excellent example" to us). But then, every time one of her friends (who happen to have sons) come over, she's like "isn't he such a wonderful boy? You guys should go out sometime" about their sons... my reaction because um, most of them aren't 'nice' they just fake it every time they're around the aunties and stuff (I should know, I do the same thing and have been around them for a long, long time).

I never asked, did I cause your distress?
Just in case they said yes

Oh and the whole keeping in touch with people thing... yeah, I'm really bad at that. I mean, there are some people, right, you don't see them for years and then you meet them again and you start yapping away for hours. And then there are some people that you're glad you'll never see again (even if you pretend otherwise). And then there are the people that after you don't see them for a few months, the conversation goes a bit like this: >.>
Her: "So... how's college?"
Me: "Pretty cool so far... you?"
Her: "Me too..."
Me: "Yea..."
Her: "..."
and it's a bit awkward... forgot what I was going to say so I better stop rambling.
There are so many songs that are stuck in my head right now, it's like a meli-melo up there... probably because the concert last week. I was actually pleasantly surprised because so many of them were pretty good (well, they usually are really good, but since so many of the old members aren't there anymore, I was a bit worried, but anyways).

Who'd ever think it?
Such a squalid little ending
Watching him descending
Just as far as he can go
I'm learning things I didn't want to know
Who'd ever guess it?
This would be the situation
One more complication
Should be neither here nor there
I wish I had it in me not to care

It was pretty fun
Sidenote- I've been listening to these pretty much all afternoon

...that was a bit long


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I'm glad you started a blog Same. It's always nice hearing from you. And your mother's advice is well warrented, stay away from boys.
  2. samercury's Avatar
    I do stay away from boys __
    - most of them make me want to puke anyways
    (and her advice is helpful and stuff, but she completely changes her tune when the 'nice' boys are here :|)
  3. B-Mental's Avatar
    Well, your Mom wants you to be with someone that will treat you right, so don't blame'll know when you meet the fake nice boys, and the real nice boys. I must be getting old...thats just plain old crazy music...j/k
  4. samercury's Avatar
    ...I guess /__\
    Everyone's getting old