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Half the time


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Finally done with this semester! My math final was um... actually let's just skip over that part <.< ... I think I did pretty well on my bio final though (I'm going to miss that class so much- it was my favorite one)
Glad to be back home for a while (well, kind of) I'm going to end up being so bored by the time class restarts again though... should still be fun maybe...
Gosh my sister's really, really annoying!


  1. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Ahhhh, the math lament.... [I hear ya!]. Happy Holidays, samercury!
  2. B-Mental's Avatar
    Lol, your poor sister....I hope you don't pick on her Samer...
  3. samercury's Avatar
    Happy holidays to you both too

    I don't pick on my sister- she picks on me