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Half the time


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Every time I think about starting one of those, I always procrastinate. Since I'm now procrastinating studying for my math final, I'll write something... yea... um...
A few more days and then I'm done with this semester! Learned a very important lesson though: I never want to take calculus again -__- I mean, it was interesting most of the time (well, kind of) but... anyways, that sucks because I can't major in ES without the second semester of it, which is kind of stupid if you think about it: you can major in bio with one sem of calc and one of stats, but you can't do that for enviro-sci. Why? Oh well, it was just a passing thought anyways
One thing that really ticks me off: "Stop global warming!". Jeez, you can't bloody stop global warming- it's a natural process. Sure humans may have made it go faster (yaddah, ya) but the best you can do is slow it down! It's really starting to make me really annoyed when random people keep on saying that...
I love that song so much- well, should really be those songs because there's more than one of them. Another thing- why are there so few guys in most choirs? Take my old highschool for example: the only choir that has even 1/3 of the members that are boys is CC (and that's because they meet during study and not after school). I mean, singing is cool(!)- especially when the people singing have beautiful voices (which I know a lot of them do). The shortage of boys is especially bad because there are so many awesome songs that have a heavy tenor/ baritome part and it's kind of a strain for most girls to sing that low for a long time . A couple of months ago, I went to this show choir festival and *gasp* there was this one group with extra boys! I swear, that's the only thing everybody noticed at first and I was so impressed- I mean, do you know how rare that is?..
I'm kind of sad that my bio class is ending though . My teacher was so cool- I want to have another one of her classes again and I learned so much... it was mindblowing I tell you... I'm not looking forward to Mondays next semester (pretty much have classes from 9 to 7- fun stuff)... on the other hand, the classes sound so... interesting
Only a couple of days (and finals) and then I'm home for slightly more than a month! yay! I really hope my cold doesn't get worse before and during my finals though. It'd be really bad. Bah- I hate finals, they make me so nervous and scard and panicked and I'm always afraid I'm going to forget something! Oh and the math final's early in the morning. Whose bright idea was this?

That was relieving in a way... guess my psych teacher was right


  1. B-Mental's Avatar
    Yeah Samer, welcome to the big old blog place/thing. Sounds like someone is on the hunt for a singing don't hurt me...:P: I always took the early morning math class, and I loved it when the test was over in the mornings. The rest of those days would be awesome once that monster was out of the way.
  2. Niamh's Avatar
    Finally someone else who thinks like me about global warming!!!! People are so stupid sometimes! Someone really has to put up a big banner that reads, "Stop being idiots! You cant stop global warming so stop trying!!! If its going as fast as predicted, well hey! Maybe the next ice age will only be a couple of years long and not a few millenia!"
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Welcome to the blogs, Samercury. I also feel as B in that a math test is best over as early as possible...
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Hi Same. So glad to see you have a blog. I know what you mean about math. I'm not sure what ES stands for (Environmental Science?) but just be lucky you're not an engineering student. I had to take three semesters of calculus, then a semester of Differential Equations (which is the reverse of calculus, if you can imagine what that is) and then a semester of advanced mathematics. I used to be great in math in High School but when I got to college, I got very humble real fast. And the more you take the frustrating it becomes. Trust me math sucks. And yes I agree with you on global warming. It's a crock.
  5. samercury's Avatar
    B- no I'm not __... just that most guys seem to think singing is so boring and only for sissies
    See, I'd rather have an afternoon math class over a morning one any day, because in the morning I'm so... not awake and not ready to learn about math as for exams.

    N- I didn't they that they shouldn't try, just not to expect to 'stop' it since it's going to happen eventually anyways...

    K- in a way it's good because it's over, but at the same time .. not looking forward to it

    V- yes, envirosci. My dad said the exact same thing (about engineering)... and a couple of my friends are engineering major and I keep on wondering why. I'd go insane if I had to take that much math . I think that global warming really is happening, but since it's part of a natural process, most anyone can do is slow it down...
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    If it's natural, why slow it down?
  7. samercury's Avatar
    'Cause it's so much fun to mess with nature. Seriously though, same reason many people do stuff- so they don't have to deal with the worst of it and/or to be remembered for "trying to do something great and for the betterment of humankind". Or just plain using it as an excuse for something else, I don't know.