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Ancient lovers....

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"Ancient lovers to be kept together..."

--> Now isn't this just perfect Valentine's Day reading?

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

St. Valentine...



  1. grace86's Avatar
    Aww Logos I read about that in the paper. That is so romantic, and what a coincidence too about Verona and everything. Happy Valentine's Day.
  2. Nightshade's Avatar
    maybe it isnt a coincedenc wasnt R+J based on ancient roman legend story type thing? And what if that was based on somthing even older... Oh wow trace the true roots of a timless tale how interesting
  3. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    "Secret lovers. That's what we are." Oops! Was I singing out loud again?

    I read the paper too...

    Aww...That is soooo touching and romantic. Well, kinda...

    ...Is it just me or do I smell a movie about this coming...?
  4. WriterAtTheSea's Avatar
    Wonderful graphics.
    Hope yours was special!


  5. 's Avatar
    glad you enjoyed it you guys Neo_Sephiroth, you might be right, its certainly a great premise, but as Night says, I think its already been done. But maybe subject for another blog entry, the background to Romeo and Juliet