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notoriusly known for being late
she arrived just past midnight
wearing a mustard silk dress
and subtle perfume

sitting at the piano
cloaked in quietude
he stirred slightly
denying acknowledgement

without lights or sight
elastic in her approach
announcing her presence
she stood close to him
attentive with her receptive touch

his shadowed face
reveals nothing
unmoving his heart guarded
by a moat of body silence

knowing and familar
sitting inseparable
his body unflinching
she moved even closer
touching the keys
so dearly loved

patiently she waited
for his anger
to subside


  1. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Your title ties this beautifully! Enjoyed it, LittleWing. AND, as a piano player, I'd have burst into the Chopin Marche Funerale just for his benefit (but then that would be bratty).... oh well...
  2. littlewing53's Avatar
    hi kizzo....i love the piano...always wanted to go back to playing but have yet to makes me like you even more kuz you play...
  3. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Hehe, what is he angry for? I aboslutely love this, lw! Nik
  4. downing's Avatar
    WOW! Wasn't this fabulous?! Loved it!!!!! It seemd to me like some Anna Karenina plot - the adulteress and the cheated husband...Haha,just an idea....but the poem was just perfect!