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My favorite poem...

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this is probably my favorite poem that i have written.... critiques or comments would be nice

Behind the Shadows

Standing in the darkness;
Behind the shadows
There was a girl.

Her head low to the ground
Eyes shut with tears streaming down;
Shaking her head, in misery and disbelief.

Finally opening her eyes,
looking up to blackness around her.
her eyes piercing with hate.

An avalanche of problems
Stumbled on her;
Life itself taking a toll on this girl.

With her addiction at hand,
Unable to get out of this depression.
Giving up hope, having no more interests.

Uncaring about anything passing her way;
Finally completely pushed to the ground.
There is no way up from where she stands now.

No company around,
No friends to come,
No one to trust,
No one to be around.

Alone she stands.
Behind the shadows,
Waiting in the darkness;
For her time to come.


  1. BulletproofDork's Avatar
    So sad. This girl is you, yes????