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my poems

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most of my poems are sad, and depressing.

thats all i can really write about so itll turn out good..

if you dont like that, then dont read them!

Best feeling in the world
all smiles
no coming down
its like I'm flying
the fall might be a little rough
but I cant stop moving
put the music on
let this feeling roll
lets get it going

best feeling in the world
don't disappear from me now
keep the music going
keep on moving
take deep breaths
let it out
oh this feeling

slowly coming to an end
sad but true
but it was oh so good
I'd do it all over again


  1. Sweets America's Avatar
    I also prefer writing sad things. I think it's easier too.
  2. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Oh yes, I saw a poem you posted earlier...(bring it to mind..) was it the one about feeling worthless? Yes. But I thought you'd post some poems here, since it says "my poems." Hahahaha oh I am one not to judge a poem too harshly. I've posted my share of bad poems. But if you write a lot, it improves your understanding of them. I think. We always have grand images and conceptions of poems we'll never be able to write. Surely this is what spurs the truly great poets. Anyway, always write and always post, because there are those like me who just like to see them out there!