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Hunter's Moon 2007

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Well the Hunter's Moon was last week, and I was too busy to post about it. It dawns on me that I've spent the last 4 consecutive Hunter's Moon in different states: Montana (2004) Wyoming (2005), Alaska (2006), and Louisiana (2007).

October's Full Moon is called the
"Hunter's Moon" or sometimes the "Blood Moon" or "Sanguine Moon". It is the first Full Moon after the Harvest Moon (the Full Moon nearest the Autumnal equinox) and it gets its name from hunters who tracked and killed their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead.

The Hunter's Moon rises this year on Friday, October 26th. Coincidentally, it will be near the time of the Moon's closest approach to Earth for all of 2007. The Moon becomes full at 12:52

This year's Hunter's Moon was relatively mild. I drove out to the docks of Freshwater City Louisiana in the early morning. The road goes through some of the marshy grasslands approaching the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Finally, you encounter a crushed shell covered side road that crosses the brackish water grasslands, crosses the intracoastal seaway, and arrives at the miniscule port of Freshwater City. I was able to watch the wildlife become active with the rising of the sun, and the fog slowly accumulate in the early morning. Nowhere near as impressive as my Hunter's Moon of 2004, but I'll save that for another entry.


  1. applepie's Avatar
    Thank you for this:) That is a beautiful image. If you can't already tell by my avatar seen around the site I love the Blood Moon. Hope you had a nice time watching it. I caught a glimpse of it here in Washington, and I thought it was very nice.
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    That was a wonderful blog. I recently wrote something about the hunters moon, too. I went out that night to shut the chickens up and there was a fog in the fields. The bright moon lit everything and shined through the fog making it glow. It was beautiful, and a little creepy. Great picture.
  3. mtpspur's Avatar
    I confess I first heard of the Hunter's Moon reading Warlord comics by Mike Grell who besides being a talented writer/artist is an avid hunter--African safaris and the whole nine yards. Beautiful pictures.
  4. Shalot's Avatar
    I saw the hunters moon on the way to one of the OCMS concerts I just went to - there's just one more reason to love the Fall down south. Orange and red leaves on the trees, good concerts come to town, pumpkin ale brewing and the beautiful moon.
  5. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Whoa! Why is it so big?
  6. B-Mental's Avatar
    Its an optical illusion occuring due to different air temperatures... I really wish I had caught one picture from a couple of years ago. The moon was huge and a pillow of clouds lay below it. I was in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. It looked so close. Usually the diffraction of the light bouncing off the moon does this as the moon rises in autumn. It is common, but not the norm.
  7. Captain Pike's Avatar
    Wouldn't be cool to be in Maine for the next Hunter's moon? Your pal in psychosis and dementia,_P.