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I feel like everyone lies to much, so i wrote this because its basically how i have been feeling...


Life is about trust,
Without trust you have nothing.
No relationships, no friends, just nothing.

I trusted to easily,
Fell so hard into the lies.
Believed what you said,
Knowing none of it was true;
Just wishing it was.

You lied to me.
Said I could trust you,
But that is not true.
Although I know the truth
The lies will always be there,
Only reflecting you.

What we had is gone,
You let your lies ruin it all.
Too afraid to say the truth
But I am no better;
For I sit there and believe you
When I know better.
All you have for me is lies
Life is about trust,
Without it there is nothing.


  1. littlewing53's Avatar
    ...beautifully written manny...yes, sometimes it does appear that way..tho my take, i would rather be trusting than suspicious of everyone...