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She smiled, got up and walked towards her bedroom without saying a thing.

Stella entered the room; everything was in place like always. A room with three walls painted navy blue and white on the roof, the fourth wall covered with a big mirror made the room look bigger than it actually was. Against the wall that faced the mirror was a double bed with three white pillows at the head, the white bed sheet properly spread and tucked in the corners, a blanket folded into half and covered half of the bed, and the two stuffed toy puppies on either side of the bed made it her favorite place in the three roomed apartment that she owned. The bed was right next to a window as wide as the length of the bed, curtains the same shade of the walls with silver lace and ribbons on the side, made the room look royal. A black guitar leaned against the wall in a corner. A small corner table right next to the bed had a little white lampshade and beside it was a beautiful photo frame in crystal with an old family photograph in it. The adjacent wall had a teak cupboard. She opened the cupboard; clothes, washed and ironed, were neatly piled up in the shelves. At the bottom of the cupboard were three drawers; she reached down to the one in the middle and pulled it put. Stella was very particular with her things; she knew where what was kept. She pulled what she had come into the room for, closed the drawer, closed the cupboard, and turned around to look at the silver clock that hung between two paintings, one of Napoleon Bonaparte and his horse and the other a landscape, on the opposite wall. The clock ran 15 minutes faster than the actual time, that’s the way she’d always kept it, the way her mother had taught her. The clock had been a gift from one of her close friends when she’d left to move in to where she was now living, real silver with a blue face and silver hands, matched perfectly with the room...


  1. Psycheinaboat's Avatar
    This is excellent stuff! Please, keep writing...
  2. smilingtearz's Avatar
    thank you psyche... i will keep on filling in as often as i can..