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The Conflict

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Am I selfish and retarded for having mixed feelings about my friend possibly dating this girl? I feel bad because I'm just kinda like, well I'm happy for you but not...I feel like she is going to change everything...that he will just stop hanging out with 'the gang' and just, yeah. I mean the girl is nice, but I dunno. I did like him, but not shallow as it might be, I think it also comes off of it just being me and him...not dating or whatever, but being close friends. Now I'm worried he'll just forget about me and ditch me.

Stupid me, I know.

I saw Good Luck Chuck was ok. A lot of sex and breasts, but Dane Cook is hilarious and cute. The movie overall was really funny, but at the beginning, the sex stuff was just kind of awkward. Not nearly as weird as Knocked Up though!

I'm actually pretty tired so I think I'm just gonna stop now. I don't have anything to say except I got this super cute blue dress at Ann Taylor's The Loft! It looked pretty block-like on the hanger, but after I tried it! It is so great! I took my senior photos in it...those took awhile!

OMG! My hair is SOOOO straight. I've never seen it straight before...its always been really funky and curly. This time I wanted to try something new so we straightened it. It looks really chic, thats for sure! Ok, sleep time!

Hugs Not Drugs



  1. applepie's Avatar
    I hope your friend having a new girl doesn't change stuff too much, but things will likely change quite a bit. It is much harder to maintain opposite sex friends, or at least close ones, the older you get. You become a couple and then you have "our friends" to contend with instead of "my friends", and you also tend to hang out with other couples. Maybe try planning double dates once in a while to go out and do things. Good luck to you Ana.