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Shut Up and to the ACT!

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Happy Belated Independence Day MEXICO! WOOHOO!!!!!

Anyways...yeah, that day, Sept. the 15th. I was taking the ACT in Wichita Falls, TX. I drove 3 1/2 hrs. friday after school to take the test. Its cool though, I slept the entire way there and my mom drove!

Although I was nervous the night before, I'm feeling pretty confident that my score increased! It better have! I didn't drive all the way there and spend my summer studying to have it stay at the same score...AGAIN! My counselor and College-Form Filler-Mentor guy said that my score was where my GPA or grades in school should be. I don't know why! He says my score should be higher, I guess I just suck at that test.

It was pretty fun though...or at least the drive back because I got to listen to good music and drive at 80mph without worrying about getting a ticket! Good times. I love just driving.

TEN MORE DAYS TILL MY JROTC JR/SR TRIP TO WASHINGTON DC!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I'm so happy! I get to skip two days of school and three days that I would normally work, and go have fun in DC. We get to visit the Smithsonian, Naval Academy, The White House...we get to see a Orioles game and the NAVY vs chAIR Force game. Haha! I used to live in Annapolis so I've seen this stuff before, but its going to be so nice visiting it again. I haven't been there since I was in the 2nd grade...which was forever ago!

I've narrowed down my list of colleges I'm looking at!

Here it goes!

OSU-back up school
OU-back up school
Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
Univ. of Colorado-Boulder
Rider Univ.
Concordia Univ.
LaSalle Univ.
Valparaiso Univ.
Univ. of Maryland
Northeastern Univ.

I've got a couple more, but I think this is the list...well, I still need to kick some of them off...but there yah go. I really love the East Coast, so I'm really hoping that American or Maryland or Northeastern accept me...and throw some money at me so I can go!

AND, I've pretty much got what I want to do down. Either Journalism/Mass Commuications and a International Buisness, or I may just major in Journalism/MC...with a minor in Languages(German most likely...). I'm still toying with the idea of engineering, but I dunno. I'm just happy I've got a better idea of what I want to do! I'm super excited though...I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleep time now! I'm exhausted from driving and reading etc. (exhausted from reading? Say it ain't so!)

Hugs Not Drugs


PS-the entire way back from Wichita Falls, Rihanna's song Shutup and Drive was playing. Every 20minutes that song popped up. Thats why I titled my title that...


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Good luck on your score Ana. I bet you did fine. Only toying with engineering? boo-hoo. No seriously pick what you will like. It may even take your freshman year to really know what you want. Good luck in any case.