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The Search Begins...(with help?)

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I am feeling so much better. The only thing that is wrong with me is my sinus pressure. My left eye is in so much sucks. It hurts when I blink....but, coffee made it so much better.

I hit so many coffeehouses this past weekend. Its was amazing. But enough of that...

How do people deal with stress. I've always just pushed it to the back of my mind until it hits me and I have an anxiety attack. I'm not asking this for me, but rather a good friend of mine. I just found it interesting how people who seem perfectly balanced, or unbalanced(me ) handle stress...

Isn't it amazing how our bodies just shutdown under if it was a physical force or whatever. I find it very, very interesting...even though it seriously is not very fun.

This isn't going to be very long, because I have to hit the sack and prepare my body for my second calculus test of the year...yes it has only been a week and one day. Amazing isn't it?!

But out of the stress of college applications, I was wondering, which schools would you recommend for a person who:

-wants to live in the city
-interested in studying languages, journalism, international buisness and possibly engineering...
-is affordable I'm not exactly rich.
-good school
-interested in art, music, and just different cultures...I want to see and meet new people/places etc.

Any help?! I have a stack of papers with loads of colleges, but its just really overwhelming...and with both parents gone and my friends not very interested in the subject, I could use a few outside opinions.



PS-I'll come up with a better post later...


  1. 's Avatar
    people don't deal with stress, stress deals with people.

    college apps, huh? that's a pretty broad criteria. depends what state. i think Boston College is cool, one of my friends went there and loved it. expensive though. Languages and journalism? Columbia U is the place for that. NYU as well. very expensive. check out Northwestern U. and Haverford (Haverford not much of a city, but top notch journalism program) there's middle of the road George Washington U. in D.C.. and for engineering i'd recommend Stevens in Hoboken, NJ, which is a great school. not my field, i was philosophy, the subject with the lowest number of students next to the Humanities programs.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Jon's probably right about stress. But I find exercise helps me. As to colleges Ana, I'll have to give it some thought. Did you want to go far from home? You lived in Texas, right? I forget which of the Texas colleges fits that, either Univ of Texas or Texas A&M. Austin is a really nice town for many things. Which university is there? Whichever one it is, i kind of remember it has both a good engineering and English departments.
  3. Countess's Avatar
    Stress - everyone has coping mechanisms. Most smoke and drink too much and die early. I daydream. Currently I've taken two storylines in my head and interwoven them by creating a vampire society that imports its food from other time dimensions (due to low human resources - LOL), which has created holes in the space-time continuum, resulting a synthesis of fact and fiction. Basically, my character Jules comes to life in my reality, while I end up in this alternate reality which I'm playing with in my head. If I went into great explanation most people's heads would explode, but I keep it straight, and it provides me hours of amusement and happiness.
    Technically it's supposed to be a poor coping skill, this daydreaming, but it sure beats crack and heroin, and those cancer sticks.
    Anyhow, find one, a good one - a hobbie approved of by the American Psychiatric Community.